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Start Date: 1 April 2024
Start Time: 2:00 pm
Price: Family (Max 2 adults and 3 children) £12, Adult £5, Child £2

This Easter, why not whisk your family away to a world of wonder and enchantment with “Encanto at The Queens Hall”? It’s the perfect setting to dive into the heartwarming tale of the Madrigal family, brought to you by the magic makers at Walt Disney Animation Studios. “Encanto” is a journey to a vibrant town nestled in the mountains of Colombia, where every corner is bursting with magic and every family member has a unique gift.

Enjoy sitting back in the cozy confines of The Queens Hall, popcorn in hand, as you and your loved ones are transported to a charmed place known as an Encanto. The story unfolds in a magical house where the extraordinary Madrigals live, each with a unique ability except for young Mirabel. But as Mirabel discovers, you don’t need magical powers to be a hero. With its PG rating, the movie promises to be a delightful experience for viewers of all ages, making it an ideal family day out.

We love how “Encanto” film is an adventure that celebrates the beauty of being unique and the power of family bonds. As the music fills the hall and the vivid colours of Colombia come to life on the screen, your family will be captivated by the enchanting world of the Madrigals. It’s a seated event, so you’ll enjoy the film in comfort, letting the magic unfold around you.

The Queens Hall is known for bringing magical moments to life, and “Encanto at The Queens Hall” is no exception. It’s a chance to create lasting memories with your family over the Easter school holidays, immersed in a story that will touch your hearts and spark your imaginations. Whether you’re a fan of animated movies, love stories about family and magic, or just looking for a fun and heartwarming way to spend time with your loved ones, this event is for you.

So, if you’re eager to step into the magical world of Encanto and don’t want to forget this enchanting family day out, be sure to click the add to calendar button at the top of the page.

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At a Glance

Indoor Event
OK for ages 8+
Advance Booking
On the Door Tickets Available
Wheelchair Access
Pushchair Access
Toilets Available
Refreshments Available

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