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Saturday Lego Club at Baglan Library

Start Date: 2 March 2024
End Date: 4 May 2024
Start Time: 9:00 am
End Time: 11:00 am
Location: Baglan Library, Laurel Avenue, Baglan, Port Talbot, Neath Port Talbot, SA12 8PA
Price: Free

Looking for a fantastic family day out that combines creativity, learning, and fun? Then the Lego Club at Baglan Library is a haven for all young builders and creators. This delightful gathering is the perfect spot for children who love to play and create with Lego, offering a fun and relaxed atmosphere that’s ideal for getting those creative juices flowing.

Every Saturday, Baglan Library transforms into a world of imagination and innovation where your little ones can explore a vast array of Lego pieces. Some of these pieces might be entirely new to them, offering a fresh and exciting building experience. It’s not just about playing with Lego; it’s about unleashing the potential for creative thinking, problem-solving, and storytelling. What could be a better way to spend a Saturday than diving into a pile of Lego bricks and creating something extraordinary?

But it’s not all about the Lego (even though that’s a pretty big part of it). The Lego Club at Baglan Library is also a brilliant opportunity for your kids to meet and play with new friends. It’s a community space where children can share ideas, collaborate on projects, and learn from each other, all in the spirit of fun and creativity. And the best part? It’s entirely free to attend and play. Yes, you heard that right – a fantastic, enriching experience for your children that won’t cost you a penny.

Whether your child is a budding architect, an aspiring engineer, or simply loves the thrill of creating something from their imagination, the Lego Club is the place to be. It’s a safe, welcoming environment where children can be themselves and express their creativity in endless ways.

And for the parents? Well, it’s a chance to see your child’s imagination come to life, to meet other parents, and perhaps even get involved in the building fun. There’s something truly special about witnessing the joy and pride on a child’s face when they show off their latest Lego creation.

Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Make sure to click the ‘add to calendar’ button at the top of the page so you won’t forget to join us for the next Lego Club meet-up. And if you’re always on the hunt for more family-friendly events happening locally, be sure to check out our ‘What’s on in West Wales‘ page for all the latest events that are perfect for families.


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