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Superhero Science at Margam Country Park

Start Date: 13 February 2024
Start Time: 10:30 am
Extra Times Info:

10.30am, 12.30pm and 2.30pm

Price: £10 per child.

Get ready for an adventure-packed day with the ‘Superhero Science’ event at Margam Country Park! This is the perfect outing for families who love to explore the intriguing world of their favourite superheroes through the lens of science.

At the Superhero Science event, your family can dive into the exciting realms of Marvel and DC. Imagine getting a behind-the-scenes look at the science that powers characters like Spiderman, Superman, Elastagirl, and many more. It’s not just about watching and learning; it’s about getting involved! The event is cleverly designed with various stations, allowing children (and let’s be honest, adults too!) to move at their own pace, exploring each superhero’s unique abilities and the real-world science behind them.

This is a hands-on experience, so kids won’t just be observers; they’ll be active participants, creating several cool superhero science toys to take home. It’s a great way to bring science to life and ignite a love for learning in a fun, interactive way. Plus, it’s a fantastic opportunity for some quality family bonding. Parents are encouraged to join in on the fun and share this unique experience with their kids.

Suitable for children aged 4 and above, the Superhero Science event requires advance booking. So, make sure you visit the Margam Park website to secure your tickets for this extraordinary experience. It’s a one-hour adventure that promises to be both educational and thrilling – a perfect combination for a family day out.

If you don’t want to miss this incredible opportunity to blend the thrill of superheroes with the wonders of science, click the ‘add to calendar’ button at the top of the page. It’s a simple way to ensure this event is locked into your schedule.

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At a Glance

Indoor Event
OK for ages 0-4
Advance Booking

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