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The Lost Words Sensory Trail at Oriel y Parc

Start Date: 23 March 2024
End Date: 7 April 2024
Start Time: 8:30 am
End Time: 5:00 pm
Price: £4 per child

Ready for an enchanting escape this Easter? The Lost Words Sensory Trail at Oriel y Parc is calling all families to embark on a journey that promises to engage the senses and deepen connections with the natural world. Nestled in the stunning landscape of West Wales, this event offers a refreshing break from the digital world, inviting you and your loved ones to explore the magic of nature through a captivating sensory experience.

Imagine a trail where every step reveals new wonders. As you navigate through the lush surroundings of Oriel y Parc, you’ll be on a quest to find hidden sensory markers. These aren’t just any markers; they’re keys to unlocking a deeper engagement with the environment. From the rough bark of ancient trees to the gentle rustle of leaves, each marker encourages you to use your senses to experience nature in a profound and interactive way. The thrill of the hunt is paired with the joy of discovery, and there’s a delightful prize waiting for those who complete the challenge, adding a sprinkle of excitement for kids and adults alike.

This sensory trail adventure is perfectly suited for families. With supervision, children can safely immerse themselves in the tactile, auditory, and visual delights the trail offers. And don’t worry about leaving your furry family member behind; dogs on leads are more than welcome to join the fun, making it a truly inclusive day out for everyone.

The beauty of this event lies in its simplicity and accessibility. As a drop-in event, there’s no need for pre-booking, allowing families to join the trail at their leisure during the Easter period. It’s an effortless way to add a touch of adventure to your holiday plans.

If you’re eager to make sure this Sensory Trail at Oriel y Parc experience doesn’t slip your mind, take a moment to click the ‘add to calendar’ button at the top of the page. It’s an easy step to ensure this event finds a place in your busy Easter schedule.

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At a Glance

Outdoor Event
OK for all ages
Drop in Event
Toilets Available
Warm Clothes
Dog Friendly

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