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Pembrokeshire Waste and Recycling Centres Re-Open

All six of Pembrokeshire’s Waste and Recycling Centres are due to re-open on Tuesday 26th May, for essential use only and we have all the info you need to know about the strict new guidelines and the Booking System you will have to use.

When the Waste and Recycling Centres open again you will not be able to just turn up to use the facilities as all visitors will have to pre-book a slot and follow a number of restrictions and guidelines to ensure that social distancing is observed at all times.

The introduction of a booking system is so to make sure that the facilities are used in a safe manner for staff and the public while remaining fair for all households in Pembrokeshire.


The Booking System

The booking system you will need to secure your space on will open from 9 am on Wednesday 20th May.

There will be two ways you can book your slot. Ideally the council would prefer everyone to use the online booking system to book their slot, which you can find here   

However, for people that can not to book online you will be able to phone to book your slot and you should call the Council’s contact centre on 01437 764551 to do this.

Each slot will be a 15 minute time slot and you will not be allowed into the centre if you do not have a slot pre-booked.

Initially only the first two weeks of slots will be available to book and this will continue on a two-weekly rolling basis.

There will be over 6,300 slots per week available to start with across all sites and Pembrokeshire Council will work to improve this number at the same time as making sure that all the sites can operate in a safe manner for staff and the public.

The Waste and Recycling Centres will be re-opening under normal summer opening hours, namely opening seven days a week


New Guidelines for Waste and Recycling Centres

These are the New Guidelines for anyone visiting the Waste and Recycling Centres in Pembrokeshire when they re open.

  • Do not visit a WRC if you or anyone in your household has COVID 19 symptoms – you will not be permitted on site.
  • Anyone shielding must not put themselves at risk by visiting the WRCs. The same applies to other vulnerable people.
  • WRCs will be open to Pembrokeshire householders ONLY. Initially no commercial users will be allowed on site and are asked to use private waste disposal companies at this time.
  • Only bring items that can’t be stored safely at home or cannot be collected through your kerbside waste and recycling collections
  • Only cars and small vans will be permitted on site – no high sided vehicles, large vans (i.e. transits or equivalent) or trailers at this time.
  • Only households who have a pre-booked a 15-minute slot will be permitted on site. Anyone who has not booked a slot will be turned away.
  • Slots will need to be booked at least 48 hours in advance.
  • Only ONE visit per household to any site within a 14-day period to enable more households to access the facilities.
  • There will be a strict 15-minute slot per vehicle to dispose of items in the correct containers. Therefore, please sort all waste and recycling into the different material types before arriving at the site to help keep your visit short.
  • Vehicles should arrive no more than 15 minutes before their booked time slot (to avoid traffic queues on the highway).
  • Please display ID (eg driving licence / utility bill) in the windscreen for staff to view and verify the booking.
  • A maximum of five vehicles will be allowed on a site at any one time (staff will monitor this). This number will be kept under review.
  • Only ONE person may exit the vehicle to unload the waste and recycling. Staff are unable to help unload or carry any items; therefore, householders need to ensure that this person is able to safely unload items from the vehicle and place them in the correct container.
  • Strict social distancing rules will be in place at all times. Householders must observe two-metre social distancing on the site and only one user will be able to access each skip or container at a time.
  • We are currently unable to accept tyres. Please store them at home safely until this service resumes.
  • Remember to wash your hands thoroughly before and after visiting the site.
  • Please be patient and follow instructions on site. For the benefit and welfare of everyone, any users not following instructions or abusive to staff will be instructed to leave the site and further action taken if necessary.


The Items you can take to the Waste and Recycling Centres

The Waste and Recycling Centres will be opened for essential use only and therefore you should only bring items that can’t be stored safely at home or cannot be collected through your kerbside waste and recycling scheme.

No tyres can be accepted at this moment, due to the current closure of the recycling off-takers as a result of COVID-19, so please store these items at home safely until this service resumes.


Bulky Waste Collections are also Restarting

Bulky waste collections are also restarting across Pembrokeshire and if you have unwanted large household furniture or appliances such as beds, fridges and sofa and are unable to safely store these items at your home, then you can arrange for a bulky household waste collection.

The collection of bulky household items is undertaken on our behalf by Frame, a local charitable organisation.

Requests for this service can be made by completing a Bulky Household Waste Collection Form here 

The charge for a collection of household items is £20 for 10 items or less.  For example, a 3-piece suite would be classed as three items, and a table and four chairs would be classed as five items.

However, it will be not possible to collect any heavy items, which would require more than two people to move i.e. pianos etc.

It’s important when requesting this service to state the items that are to be collected, as only specified items will be removed.

Once your request is received it will be sent to Frame who will contract the household to arrange the collection, the items will only be collected from outside the property and please do not place these items out for collection until instructed to by FRAME.



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