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Special Birthday Traditions to Start with Your Child

Parenting is all about the little things and Making Memories with your kids and by starting birthday traditions at any age you will be giving your child some very special memories.

On their birthday it’s a day to celebrate them and how special they are, it isn’t just about big parties or splashing out on extravagant presents, they really will love it if you give them some unforgettable birthday moments. Why not start with some little birthday traditions, it’s a fab way to create some lasting memories which they will cherish forever and possibly even pass onto their own children!


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Here are some Simple but Special Birthday Tradition Ideas:

Balloons Wake Up Call

Why not fill their bedroom floor full of balloons after they have gone to sleep or even set up a Balloon Avalanche at their bedroom door, where you close their door and tape plastic on the outside and fill with balloons so when they open their bedroom door they are greeted with loads of balloons!

Balloon Avalance in article 2

Special Birthday Dishes

Design special birthday dishes decorate them together before the big day and then they can use them every birthday to eat their breakfast, lunch and dinner on. You can even design a special Birthday Glass to use throughout the day.


Birthday Height Wall

Why not find a wall in the home or have a special board you bring out every year and mark their height, so you can compare how much they have grown over the year?

Measuring Height in article

Do a Gift Treasure Hunt

Why place all the birthday presents in a tidy pile on the table when you can hide them and make it fun to find them. You can even write clues leading them to where the next one is hidden, or for younger children use wool as a trial to the next present.


Birthday Video

We’re so lucky to have video recording on our smartphones nowadays, so why not use it to record your child being asked Birthday Questions. Write a list of say 5 – 10 questions and record them while you ask them, things like their likes and dislikes, what job they want when older, who their best friend is, what’s been the best thing that’s happened that year, what’s their favourite present this year. This is a fab keepsake and perfect to edit together and play back at their 18th or 21st!

Video Birthday in article JPEG

Balloon Photo

On every birthday take a photo of your child holding the number of balloons to match their age, so when they are one they old one balloon and when they are eight they hold eight and so on, not only is it a cute keepsake you can look back on but it’s fun to do, as together you can enjoy each trip to the shop buying the balloons, like a fun must do each Birthday


Plant a Tree Each Year

See your child grow alongside a tree, wouldn’t it be funny to see how much they have grown in a year and how much the tree has. Let them pick the tree or any type of plant they want, they can help dig the hole and it will give them something special to look at all throughout the year whilst filling your garden with lovely memories

Plant a Tree in article

Write a Birthday Letter

Why not write a little letter to your child every birthday, all about what a wonderful year you had with them. Talk about the fun times, your favourite moment, milestones they have achieved and when they have made you proud. Don’t cop out and type it, make it special and be sure to handwrite it. This not only is lovely to read to them on their birthday, but it is beautiful keepsake forever that they can look back on even after they have left home!


Birthday Campout

Finally as their special day comes to an end, why not keep it special with a birthday campout, it doesn’t have to be outside it could be in your lounge under a tent or build a den. Make the whole family campout together and make it a night to remember, with fun games and campsite treats to eat!

Camping indoor in artciel

Birthdays can be expensive and stressful days and as parents as we sometimes forget the best present we can give our kids is our time and special memories!




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