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We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. No products have paid to be included in this guide. Some products have been sent to us for free to allow us to take photos and put to the test so we could share our honest thoughts with our readers. This does not affect the products our editors choose to feature or our opinions, nor does it carry any additional costs to our readers.

Top 5 Perfect Kids Party Bag Fillers

If your child has a birthday coming up and your on the hunt for the perfect little gifts to put in the party bags thanking everyone who came, then check out this Handy List of Perfect Kids Party Bag Fillers for some inspiration.

There are loads of options out there of different things you can put into kids party bags and it can sometimes be tricky to find good quality little gifts that would be well received by either a girl or a boy, but these items from Partituki could be just what you have been looking for.

Good quality and Value for money is our top priority when it comes to searching for our kids party bag fillers and recently we were lucky enough to be sent some skipping ropes to try check out the quality on in return for us sharing our honest thoughts with our readers


Kids Skipping Ropes

LATEST NEWS Partituki Kids Skipping Ropes

In the past skipping ropes have been a firm favourite in our house to put into party goody bags, so we were excited to be able to try these ones out from Partituki.

These kids skipping ropes come in four colours, yellow, blue, red and green all individually wrapped so they can easily be popped into a gift bag without getting all tangled up.

They have a good weight to both the handles and rope so they swing really well and they have a good length on the rope as well.

You can get these skipping ropes in multi packs of 10 or 20 on Amazon working out at pound odd each and as an added bonus they even come with party banner that you can use to help decorate your party.



Kids Crayons

LATEST NEWS Partituki kids crayons

Little packets of crayons is a go to for any kids party bags and we tend to print off some pictures based on the party theme and cut them into the same size squares so it makes it a little more personal and unique to your kids party.

These kids crayons come in packs of 7 colours with a bright coloured packaging and you can get them in pack of 10 up to 40 for less than a pound each.



Kids Drawstring Bags that they can Colour in

LATEST NEWS Partituki Kids drawstring bags

Something a bit fun and a great idea to take away from a kid’s party are these drawstring bags that children can colour in themselves. So, every time kids se these bags they will always be able to remember the fun they had at your child’s party

The bags come in packs of 10 up to 40 and come with their own packet of wax crayons, so good value for money means that when buying these bags you wont also need to buy crayons for your goody bags.

And depending on how many you are buying you can get these Kids drawstring bags and the packet of crayons for under a pound.



Kids Wooden Yoyo’s

LATEST NEWS Partituki Childrens Wooden yoyo

A classic toy and one we love the good old yoyo. We love yoyo’s and can spend ours together as a family trying new tricks and its good to get one that has a bit of weight to it as it makes it roll up and down better.

Another reason these would be a good additional to your party bags is because as they are wooden yoyo’s is if the kids want to they can paint or colour them in to make the personalise just to them.

These kids Wooden yoyo’s come in packs of 10 are a pound odd each



Kids Mini Puzzles


Everyone loves a good mini puzzle in their party bag and is a much healthy options than just filling the bags with sweeties.

These kids mini puzzles come in a multi pack of 24 and include a variety of puzzles so your not getting all the same which is handy and they work out as less a pound each.



WIN your Own Pair of Partituki Kids Skipping Ropes

COMPETITION WIN a Pair of Partituki Kids Skipping Ropes

We are so lucky to be able to offer you the chance to WIN your very own pair of Partituki Kids Skipping Ropes so you can see for yourself the quality of the skipping ropes and try them out Click Here to enter our Competition for Free





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