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Top Tips to Hosting a Bike Riding Birthday Party

Fancy trying a Birthday Party with a difference? Well why not get on your bike and host a fun packed cycling party and here are the top tips of how to

As parents, we are always looking for fun different party ideas to keep the kids happy and give them awesome memories of their birthday parties as they grow up. Well what’s not to love about a bike party and as there are not many people that host them so you can get away with doing what you want!

As Birthday parties are getting more expensive this is a fab way to keep costs down, but fun levels up and best of all they take place outside, so you don’t have to tidy the house before or after guests arrive!

The awesome fact is hosting a Bike birthday party is not super common, so you can really go to town as nobody knows exactly what they entail. You won’t get charged per child that attends and you can do it exactly the way you want to be

As luck would have it, it’s actually really common for children 4 and older to start asking for a bike for their birthday or Christmas present, so why not make all those hours and hours practising their pedalling worthwhile and its not a worry if their friends are all at slightly different stages with their learning as fun can still be had.


So here are our top 5 tips to make your bike party as memorable as possible:

Location, Location, Location

You need to find a nice big open park and here in West Wales we have some awesome cycle paths that are safe and easy to ride on. Other thoughts is you could also choose a park that is a fairly equal distance for all the guests to get to and thinking ahead if the weather is warm and you pick a location that has an ice-cream van, it means you have dessert covered!

Picking the Perfect Party Food

You need to be mindful if all your family is cycling down to the park you could have limited space to pack lots of food, unless you have one of those nifty bike trailers. You don’t need loads, so think finger food for sure such as sausage rolls or sandwiches and why not ask everybody to bring their own drink of choice in the bottle holder or basket on their bike. Or you could be super clever and go uber easy and pre-order some pizza to be delivered an hour or so after everyone has done some cycling to a set place in the park.

Birthday Party Cake

To transport one large birthday cake could be tricky, so we would suggest opting for individual cupcakes and for the candle blowing ceremony simply place them all together and put one candle in each cake using them, before handing them out to everyone.

Best Party Games to Play

Think FUN FUN FUN, now the fact is some kids will be more than happy just whizzing around on their bikes for hours. Although younger siblings, or children who are still learning to ride could end up getting tired a lot quicker or start losing interest, so it would be a good idea to have some ideas ready to put into action. One idea could be to set up a mini slalom course for them to cycle around using beanbags or balls which is easy to carry in a bag on your bike. Another wicked idea could be to  set up a treasure hunt either on or off the bikes, simply visit the location a few days beforehand to work out the clues, this is perfect for older children as they can do the treasure hunt cycling from one clue to another and use their mobiles to text you the answer then if they get it right you text them the next clue, this way it means they cover a larger distance which will keep their age range more entertained and you can always place friends or relatives at certain parts of the route and set up challenges before they get their next clue such as pump up a bike tyres

Matching Party Bags

Kids always love getting party bags, so keeping it in theme with your bike party instead of the usual bits you find in a plastic party bag, you could opt for some chocolate donuts calling them ‘muddy tyres’ into a bag for them to take away. Gift wise you could give them a new bell for their bike, spoke dancers or fancy handle bar tassels and instead of using plastic party bags you could get creative and wrap them in a black and white checked flag design paper. For the older kids, a fun idea would be to get them a new Juice bottle for their bikes, there are fab companies online that you can even get them personalised writing something like “Thanks for coming to my Party, Love Grace” or you could just stick this on yourself. Then simple fill the bottles full of yummy sweeties, so not only do they get treats they can use the bottle afterwards.

Don’t forget to keep it safe and remind everyone on the invites to bring their helmets!



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