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10 Easy Ways to Baby and Toddler Proof your Christmas Tree

Christmas for us is all about the family and having a baby and toddler around just makes it all the more magical, however having a baby during Christmas can also make things a bit more challenging when it comes to safety around Christmas Decorations, especially if your baby is mobile. So, to help your stress levels we have put together 10 Easy Ways to Baby and Toddler Proof your Christmas Tree

Having a baby and toddler over Christmas means there are even more family fun to be had, such as Baby’s First Christmas activities to do, keepsakes to make, and pictures to take.

The thing is if your baby or toddler can roll, crawl, or walk, one thing they are for sure going to want to play with is your family Christmas tree, which aside from boosting your stress levels, it can actually be pretty dangerous to them.

Luckily, there are some really easy things you can do to make it a fun, safe thing for them to be around and to help we have put together a Handy List of 10 Easy Ways to Baby and Toddler Proof your Christmas Tree

10 Easy Ways to Baby and Toddler Proof your Christmas Tree


Put your Tree somewhere it’s Not in the Way

A lot of families place their Christmas Tree as the main focus, in pride of place within a room, maybe it’s worth finding a place a little more to the side so less tempted to play with.


Pick an Artificial Christmas Tree

Ok so as much as we all love having a fresh Christmas tree, truth is an artificial Christmas tree is a easier option to go for it you have a toddler running around the house.

Having an artificial tree means you won’t have to worry about the prickly pine needles falling off the Christmas tree and your toddler stepping on them or your baby putting them in their mouth.


Use Shatterproof Ornaments

There is no harm in putting your family keepsakes, handmade or glass ornaments away for a few years. Keep them safe and to safeguard against shattering glass everywhere, its best to go for shatterproof ornaments.

Tiny hands like to grab, especially when they see bright, colourful ornaments so this way if you use shatterproof ornaments when they do falls off the tree, they will simply bounce on the floor and roll around, which is way safer for your little one.


Hang Keepsakes up High

If you really don’t want to go without your special ornaments on your tree, then just remember to keep them at the top of the tree that way your kids can’t reach them, but just remember a good shake to the tree could still mean they could fall off!


Use Ribbon or String to Hang Ornaments

Stay clear of using hooks to hang the ornaments, use ribbon or metallic string instead as the last thing you want is for your toddler or baby getting a hold of a hook and choking or cutting themselves on it as they inevitably will put it in their mouth.


Don’t Use Tinsel

I know tinsel is usually a massive part of decorating your Christmas tree and perfect for adding that extra shine and sparkle, but to make your tree safer for your little one, you really should not use it for a while.

Reality is tinsel can be a major choking hazard for babies and toddlers and as it is so shiny, they are always going to try to grab it and put it in their mouth.


Place your Light in the Middle

Stringed lights are another essential sparkly part of every Christmas tree, but too massive hazard to babies and toddlers.

Make sure when you hang your lights that you tuck the string of Christmas lights right back into the branches of your tree, so they aren’t easy to grab.

You really don’t want your little one grabbing a string of lights and ripping the whole thing off, or worse chewing on them, getting electrocuted or getting them wrapped around them


No Presents Under the Christmas Tree

If you tend to wrap presents and place them under the tree, or ones gifted to you in the lead up to Christmas day you place under the tree, then this time around don’t. Instead why not hang off until Christmas Eve.

By waiting to place them under the tree your safeguarding them from getting ripped, chewed, or opened and all the lose parts and paper ending up in your little ones mouth.

Honestly babies and toddlers don’t get the whole don’t touch so don’t put them there, but quite honestly when it comes to Christmas Presents, we can’t even trust our 11 year old not to touch them either, so save the surprise for Christmas Day we would say and place them on Christmas Eve


Hide Cables and Plugs

You may think its extreme to tape cables down, but honestly its way safer and easiest way to keep them out of your little ones reach.

You might have to use an extension lead for your Christmas lights, so just like you put covers on your unused plug sockets in the walls, don’t forget if your not using all the plug spaces on your extension lead to cover them as well.


Put a Fence Around the Tree

The absolute easiest way to keep your tree completely out of reach is by placing a fence around it, something like a child’s playpen, this is definitely the 100% stress free approach to the whole Christmas Tree situation.


Hopefully these top tips show just how easy it is to Baby and Toddler Proof your Christmas Tree without ruining your dreams of having an amazing looking Family Christmas tree.


10 Easy Ways to Baby and Toddler Proof your Christmas Tree




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