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Fun Family Christmas Tradition Ideas

Looking for fun new family Christmas traditions to start with the kids this year? Check out our list of Fun and Unique Ideas of Memory Making Family Christmas Traditions Ideas to which could give you some inspiration.

As parents creating family Christmas traditions is one of the most on purpose things we can do for our children, as it creates little things that will stand out in our child’s minds when they look back on their time at home with you. Here are few of our favourites:


Fun Family Christmas Tradition Ideas


Decorate the House as a Family

When ever you decide to put your decorations up don’t forgot to involve the kids, its way more fun to do it together and so what if it takes you longer! It’s a way better memory to have of doing it together than watching parents put things up on their own.


Create a Christmas Music Playlist

Nothing gets you in the Festive mood more than a bit of Cracking Christmas Tunage. Why not put together a Christmas Music Playlist that you can play over weeks leading up to Christmas Day and then even have a different one for the actual day.


Write a Letter to Santa

Kids will love writing a letter to Santa it’s a fun activity to do with the kids and there are many places you can send them, and they will get a reply including the option to have a reply in Welsh. For more info on How Children in West Wales can get in touch with Santa this year check out our Handy List


Make Homemade Christmas Cards

These can be easy or elaborate! Anything from a simple family photo stuck on card, to handprints or creative drawings. This can be a fun way to not only spend time together and send a more personal card to others but also save a few pennies


Decorate a Gingerbread House

So if you want to take on the full challenge then you can bake the whole house from scratch and then decorate it or most supermarket nowadays have the pre made ones ready for you to buy and just decorate, after it’s the decorating part that’s the real fun!


Family Game Night

Just like movie night, a family games night is a fab chance to take time out from everything else, spend time together and have laugh.

We always try and get the kids a new board game for Christmas so if we are lucky we might still have all the pieces come next year, but some of our favourite games have to be Snakes and Ladders and Twister with the younger ones and Monopoly, Cluedo and Uno with the older ones.

Although a new game that we will be including this year was a card game we reviewed earlier this year and the kids have loved ever since and you can still read our Review of the Funko The Nightmare Before Christmas Something Wild Game if you think it’s something you might fancy.  


Bake and Decorate Christmas Cookies

One thing that is super easy and fun to bake together is Christmas Cookies and there are loads of different Christmas Cookie Cutters in the shops that you can make them in all fun shapes such as Santa Heads, Snowmen, Candy Canes or even Reindeers. Also decorating cookies can be a lot quicker than a whole Gingerbread House! We were lucky enough this year to Review the New Nadiya’s Bake Me a Story Deluxe Baking Set which had some cookie cutters included it.


Have a Christmas Movie Night

Our family loves Christmas Movies and there is nothing better than getting together, grabbing some snacks like popcorn and hot chocolate and watching some new and old Christmas Movies.

Our must watches every year have to be Elf, Miracle on 34th Street, A Muppets Christmas Carol and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation although Grinch is becoming a favourite this year.


See the Lights

To some this may sound a weird one, but really the kids do love it to drive or walk around your local streets and see all the houses decorated with Christmas lights. Some streets local to us really get into this and it’s an awesome with a few of the houses. There something a bit exciting for kids to go out in the dark anyway but to see all the colourful lights it’s a fab way to get all festive.

Don’t forget to take your travel mug full of hot chocolate!


Make a Christmas Tree Ornament

Our Christmas Tree is not one you would see in a home décor magazine, its vibrant, fun and full of character and we love that its full of expensive and non-expensive bought baubles, but the priceless ones are for sure the kids handmade one.

A really cool idea for a homemade tree decoration is one that uses a piece of string to tie it to the tree and the length of string is the exact height of your child, so each year you can look back on how much they have grown.


Read a Christmas Story Book

A fab way to get the kids to bed on Christmas eve is to get them all tucked up and read a Christmas Story book together, some fab Christmas Books we have read so far this year include Santa Jaws and Tinsel.

If your little one doesn’t have many Christmas Books, then another idea you might fancy is doing a Book Advent Calendar. Buy 25 books and wrap them up so they can open a new one every day, this is fab non- chocolate alternative advent calendar that can last way past December.


Track Santa Live

This is super exciting on Christmas Eve you can track Santa’s movements and see him deliver presents all over the world. The kids love it and its shows how long you have until he will be at your house.

We have more info on how you can Track Santa Claus Live on his Christmas Eve and Don’t forget to keep an eye on the sky and see if you catch a glimpse of him flying by!


Christmas Eve Box

Why not make up a special box of little things that you can gift to your kids on Christmas Eve, it can have some hot chocolate and marshmallows, new pyjama or even a little gift in it to open.

You can make it really personal, or super festive but either way it’s a lovely way to build on the excitement of what tomorrow will bring

If you don’t want to go to the expense of a box of items, you could just do one gift for the whole family, maybe a new movie to watch together or matching family pyjamas.


Christmas Day Family Photo

Now you could do these two ways, one capture the more natural morning family shot of faces filled with excitement, hair all over the place and everyone in their nightwear with mounds of wrapping paper as your backdrop or wait till everyone is more awake, washed, changed and ready to pose with their smiles at the ready!

Either way to be able to snap a moment of your day that you can hold onto forever is in my opinion one of the best and most precious Family Christmas Traditions you could do

 Fun Family Christmas Tradition Ideas


Christmas can be a really busy and stressful time for parents, so it’s really important to remember by simply making time to enjoy the holidays with your kids you are creating memories through family Christmas traditions which will be something you and them will NEVER forget.

You will also find when they get older they will see your time as being the best present you gave them.  



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