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Kids Christmas Kindness Advent Calendar

Tis the season to be Jolly and well Kind!….. Christmas time is the most Wonderful time of the Year to remind our little kiddie winkles to be Kind and what better way than doing an Advent Calendar with them full of Kindness

Christmas time is a magical time for kids and too, the perfect chance to teach them about the magic of doing something kind for others. Christmas is so much more than Santa and presents, it’s a time to encourage kindness to our families, friends, community and environment. Children know and understand the concept of advent calendars, so therefore this seems the perfect way to get across how everyone can help and practice gratitude daily.

To help we have designed this Random Acts of Kindness Christmas Calendar full of ideas kids can do on their own, although a little bit of help is totally fine!! It’s an awesome way for them to see for themselves just how big of an impact they can have, no matter how old they are.

Kids Kindness Advent Calendar

If there is something on the calendar you feel is not age appropriate for your little one, then don’t waste a day of joy, why not come up with another idea for your little one – Let’s Spread some Cheer this Christmas in West Wales xx



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