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Track Santa Claus Live on Christmas Eve Journey Delivering Gifts

How excited are we…. We are only hours now until Santa Claus will be reaching us all here in West Wales and delivering special gifts to thousands of children that are on the Nice list. Did you know that you and the kids can track where Santa is on his journey with NORAD and Google Tracker?

Not long now until Christmas Day and thanks to North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and Google’s Santa trackers, we can follow Santa Claus around the world on his journey and find out when we can expect him to visit us here in the UK.

Santa’s journey across the globe on Christmas Eve is a very busy one, after checking his list twice to find out who has been naughty and nice, he sets off on his sleigh with his beloved reindeer, to travel roughly 510,000,000 km and covers about 1,800 miles per second. That means he visits something like 390,000 homes per minute or 6,424 per second. So, it’s no wonder we never catch a glimpse of him!

Thanks to the technology of NORAD and Google they have managed to track him and work out his route. Santa Claus Christmas journey starts of at the South Pacific, stopping first at the Republic of Kiribati, before heading west to New Zealand, Australia, Japan, then off to Asia, Africa and Western Europe, Canada, USA, Mexico and South America.

How to track Santa’s journey with NORAD and Google

Named the Official Santa Tracker is the NORAD Tracker. Normally they use their technology to monitors US and Canadian aerospace in case of nuclear attacks, but on Christmas Eve they focus on monitoring Santa’s sleigh as he travels the world delivering presents. On their website which you can visit Here you can watch Santa’s sleigh travel the world, it also has a section where you can read Santa Secret Files, Visit Santa’s Village, Listen to Music and even play games

You will be able to watch Santa’s on his travels here with NORAD




Google also has a Santa Tracker, and games to play which you can visit Here



Just make sure you’re not up too late watching Santa on his journey as he won’t stop at yours if you’re not asleep in bed!!!

Crossing our fingers that we made it onto the nice List!!




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