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Easy to Follow Homemade Marmalade Recipe

You will love this Easy to Follow Recipe to make Yummy Tangy Homemade Marmalade for your Family and it will also make the perfect Rainy Day Activity to do with the Kids.

Whether you love Marmalade on Toast for your Breakfast or to inside your Sandwiches just like Paddington Bear for a Delicious Snack, you will find this recipe super easy to follow and Scrumdiliumcious to eat with all your family.


Ingredients to Make Marmalade

  • 1kg Oranges (preferably Seville Oranges, but any will do)
  • 1 Lemon Juice
  • 2kg Jam Sugar, Here is the one we used from Amazon 


What Else you will Need to Make Marmalade 

  • A Deep Large Pot, It needs to be deep to keep you safe from the spitting hot liquid, here is the one we got from Amazon 
  • Muslim Squares, we bought the this one from Amazon that came with the cooking twine so just made it easier 
  • A spoon scoop
  • Sharp Knife
  • Container or Cookware Dish to Cut the Hot oranges in
  • Clean Jars, we bought these 500ml ones from Amazon as we liked the flip lids 


Method to Make Marmalade 

  1. First off you will need to give your oranges a good wash to try and get all the wax off them and then once you have done that, you need to place them in a deep pan full of about 2 litres of water and boil them for at least 2 hours or longer until you can easily push a fork into them

    LATEST NEWS Boil Oranges for Homemade Marmalade

  2. Once you have them soft enough, take the oranges out of the water…. But don’t bin the water you need it! Place the soft oranges into a deep container, we used a cookware dish and cut them into half and half again and then start slicing them into thin segments.

    LATEST NEWS Cut up Oranges for Homemade Marmalade
    Now these are going to be your bits in the marmalade, so make them as big / small / thick or thin as you personally prefer. The reason you are cutting them in the deep container is you can collect all the juice and fruit bits easier.

  3. Collect all the pips from inside the oranges and place them into the muslin squares and tie them into a bag shape, with a long piece of string. The sting needs to be long enough to hang over the side of the pot and that the pips sit on the bottom of the pan.
  4. Put your pips inside the muslin bag back into the water and tie to the handle, add your lemon juice and boil for around 10 minutes. Don’t panic if you have bought oranges without pips. You simply do this step without the pips it will just mean the marmalade will taste slightly different.
  5. While this is boiling put a small side plate into the freezer
  6. After the lemon and pips have been on boil for 10 minutes, take the pips out of the water and add all the orange segments and juice that you have cut into the pan and boil it so it bubbles good. You want to boil it, so it reduces by about a third.
  7. Once your mixture has reduced add the sugar, stir it in well and turn up the heat so the mixture rapid boils for roughly 20 minutes, keep stirring so the sugar dissolves and be careful as this is the stage that it can spit hot liquid out so make sure the kids keep well back. You are trying to boil it to the setting point.

    LATEST NEWS Boiling Oranges cut up for Homemade Marmalade

  8. The easy way to test if your marmalade mixture is at setting point is by dropping a bit of the mixture onto the small plate you put in the freezer and then place it into the fridge until the mixture cools down. If the marmalade forms like a skin top to it and wrinkles up when you push it, then it is set. Again, this is down to personal preference to how stiff you like your marmalade.

    Important thing to note is while you are waiting for your marmalade to cool in the fridge so to check he setting point on the frozen slide plate, make sure you should remove the rest of the pan off the heat while you are doing this. If you are not happy  with the setting point you just put it all back on to rapid boil and re do setting test.

  9. If you are happy with your mixture setting then you need to allow it to cool right down which does take a long time and then when cool scoop it into clean sterilised jars (we put them in the dishwasher to do this) and remember to label them with the date you made the batch on.


And that’s it you have made your very own super yummy Marmalade. Easy to make you simply need enough time to stand over it that’s all.


Good To Know – You really need to make sure that the jars you use have a good seal to the lid and then you can keep them in the cupboard unopened for up to one year. One you have opened them you need to keep the jar in the fridge and use all the marmalade up within 3 months.




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