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Children’s Books That Encourage Gardening

As the weather gets warmer and we are spending more and more time in our gardens as a family, a lot of parents are looking on new ways to Encourage Kids to get involved in Gardening so we have put together a handy list of our Top 11 Favourite Children’s Books about Gardening.

Gardens are such a fab way for children of all ages to learn about how plants grow, pollinators and wildlife as well help them understand first-hand where the food we eat comes from.

So, to encourage children to love, explore and want to join in with Gardening with their parents or grandparents then reading about it is a great way to introduce it to them.

From fun picture books about gardens, to how to learning books or just great story books set around gardens, we have listed a few of our family favourite children’s book for kids to read on their own or for you to read together as a family, all in hope it encourages children to get out and discovery how lush our gardens are.


Our Top 11 Favourite Children’s Books to Encouraging Gardening


The Secret Garden

LATEST NEWS The Secret Garden Childrens Book Front Cover

One of our favourites from our own childhood and now a favourite of our children’s as the Secret Garden is a classic of English children’s literature.

Set in England it tells the tale of Mary a 10 year old girl who was born in India to rich parents who pretty much ignored her. After loosing her parents to illness she is shipped to live with her uncle she has never met in England where he lives isolated in a run down old mansion.

In her exploration of her new surroundings she finds a secret walled garden as well as a poorly cousin who is similar ages with her and well this is when the real adventure starts!

If you want to share this classic with your children then you can order it off Amazon here 


The Classroom Garden

LATEST NEWS The Garden Classroom Book Front Cover

This is such a fab book to get kids interested in your garden no matter if it is a small or large garden as the Classroom Garden book is full of a whole year of outdoor play and learning ideas.

It gives some amazing ideas on incorporating play into gardening and talks about planting seeds including how you can plant them in different things such as egg shells.

This book can also help kids develop their maths and literacy skills as well as creativity.

The Classroom Garden book is available on Amazon here


Gardening Lab for Kids

LATEST NEWS Gardening Lab for Kids Book Front Cover

This book is perfect for homeschooling super fun as its aim is to encourages kids to get outside and enjoy nature.

Its is full of 52 plant related fun experiments, including how to make a rain gauge, a sprinkler and even a cold garden.

If your looking for some cool ideas to do with the kids in the garden this book is your best friend and its available on Amazon here


My First Bird Book and Bird Feeder

LATEST NEWS My First Bird Book and Bird Feeder Book Front Cover

This is such a fab book that helps introduce kids to the fun of bird-watching, as not only do you get a book you also get a real bird feeder with it.

The My First Bird Book is a good guide to the 34 garden birds, given you an insight into their each bird’s diet, behaviour, range, nests, habitat, and calls.

It also gives you top tips on how to start your own bird journal and make your own bird food

It is available to order from Amazon here


Planting a Rainbow

LATEST NEWS Planting a Rainbow Children Book Front Cover

This is a cool little educational book, that helps children understand how to plant bulbs, seeds, and seedlings, and how to help them grow.

It is perfect for younger kids as a board book and uses the rainbow colours over the pages to add another fun element to it with its lovely images.

It is available on Amazon here 


RHS Let’s Get Gardening

LATEST NEWS RHS Lets Get Gardening Book Front Cover

From the well-respected RHS this is a excellent book to learn together with the kids how to grow your own vegetables and herbs, at the same time as attracting awesome wildlife such as butterflies and bees into your garden.

We found the recycling tips really useful and the info in here is perfect if you have a small garden as well.

You can order this on Amazon here


My First Book About How Things Grow

LATEST NEWS My First Book About How Things Grow Book Front Cover

This is a great book to introduce gardening to kids, as its like a reference book that can help kids learn about plants and trees, the differences between them and what they need to grow.

It is aimed at kids aged 9 plus as it goes into detail about life cycles of plants and how they reproduce

You can order it on Amazon here


Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt

LATEST NEWS Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt Book Front Cover

This is a cute little book from the author of the Over and Under books and its explains to kids how nature works as a team to make a garden grow.

This is a poetic book that explores that world of the garden across the year, describing the world up in the garden and the world down in the dirt.

It’s a lovely book to read together with younger kids as well as a read alone book for older children and you can order it on Amazon here 


Tom’s Midnight Garden

LATEST NEWS Toms Midnight Garden Book Front Cover

This is an awesome story book that our 8 year old just loved. Its tells the story of a boy called Tom who is sent to stay at his aunt and uncle’s house for the summer and expected to be super bored

That was until he finds an enchanted garden that only comes alive in the thirteenth hour, it’s a magical story and a definite page turner as your child wants to read more and more to find out what happens next

You can order it on Amazon here


The Tiny Seed

LATEST NEWS The Tiny Seed Book Front Cover

For all those Hungry Caterpillar fans, this Tiny Seed book is another classic from Eric Carle’s and it tell the story of the life cycle of a flower through the adventures of a tiny seed.

This is a fab book to read with the little ones before heading out to the garden to plant some wildflowers!

Its is available to order on Amazon here


In addition to these delightful children’s books that encourage gardening, why not check out our other children’s book reviews for some inspiration for your next purchase? Explore a variety of stories to fill your little one’s bookshelf with wonder and adventure.


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