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Festive Products for Cleaning and Decluttering your Home this Christmas

For anyone looking to get their home all shinny clean and super organised we have put together a list of our top favourite cleaning and decluttering products perfect for getting your family home ready for all the festive fun days this Christmas.

Its that time of year again when some fun festive themed cleaning products hit the shop shelves and we are starting thing about getting out family homes, all clean and ready for the big day. We have been putting loads of new festive themed cleaning products to the test and thought we would share are favourite ones with you so you can try them out too.


2021 Must Have Festive Cleaning and Decluttering Products


Compostable Swedish Dishcloths

sweedish discloth

From Pasoluna for £2.95

BUY NOW We love how super festive these Swedish dishcloths are but best of all how eco-friendly they are. Available in a Christmas Tree, Christmas Forest and Gingerbread design as well as these scandi tomte gnome and red robin designs they will definitely being some festive cheer to your kitchen. They are made from completely natural materials that are 100% biodegradable, which means that after their long and useful life, you can pop them on the compost heap and they’ll break down naturally. But they do last for ages, really absorbent and washable at 60 degrees in your washing machine.


Spunji Frosty Pad and Cloth

spunji 2

From B & M, Home, Home Bargains and The Range from £1.49 upwards

BUY NOW These new special edition ultra-thirsty spunji products that are in our shops this winter totally add a bit of festive magic to your cleaning routine. In a very cool light blue snowflake design these sponges and cloths are fantastic at demisting condensation from like shower screens, or windows on the chilly mornings. We especially found them great for in the car when the heaters took too long to clear the windscreen in time for the school run. They are also brilliant for wiping away splashes around the bath, sink and draining boards. As well as being our go to for soaking up spills. Even if it’s like wine or coffee once you rise, they don’t even stain. They work just as good on soaking spills up from soft carpets or sofas as they do on hard floors or workshops, we love their versatility.


Scrub Daddy Christmas Special Edition 3 Piece Bundle

Christmas Scrub Daddy Sponges

From Scrub Daddy for £9.99

BUY NOW Scrub Daddy limited edition seasonal shapes for Christmas are a fab addition to any cleaning routine. If you haven’t come across them before they are amazing in that the feel of them change in different water temperatures. They are scratch and odour resistant which means you don’t need to worry about damaging any of your pans or dishes. You can clean it in your dishwasher and we just love how clever the smiley face is as you can use the mouth to perfectly clean your cutlery and its eyes to hold it easily. Another cool feature of these scrubber is that they clean even without harsh chemicals, you can just add water and they will affectively clean.


Minky Antibacterial Pads Winter Edition

minky pad

From Amazon for £2.99

BUY NOW These Minky Antibacterial Pads are perfect to use in the kitchen, bathroom, utility room or anywhere in your family home that needs a clean. It has one side that is a rough surface for scrubbing and the other side is smooth sponge for wiping up. We found it not to scratch surfaces which is good and the patterns are pretty and well matched with Christmas time, with the added bonus of them being antibacterial.


Christmas Pudding Tea Towel

Christmas Tea Towel

From Wilko for £2.00

BUY NOW Another kitchen essential is the tea towel to dry all the Christmas dishes and when we saw this fluffy bright red Christmas Pudding one on the shelves we fell in love and even more so when we sae the price tag. We found it fab for absorbing and it washes and dries well.


Bin Buddy Festive

Bin Buddy

From The Range for £2.69

BUY NOW This Christmas was the first we came across Bin Buddy and its ideal for eliminating smells from your bin, soaking up spills around your bin and it also repels flies and Insects from your bin. We found it easy to use, as you simply sprinkle it into your bin regularly and this one is can freshen your bin with festive scent of Orange and Cinnamon, and for the price we found it a great buy.


Poo-Pourri Christmas Toilet Sprays

Christmas Poo pourri sprays

From Poo-Pourri for £7.99

BUY NOW Poo-Pourri has brought out three fab Christmas Toilet Sprays this year that we just had to try out. The new Poo-Pourri festive limited-edition scents we can see making a great gifting option this Christmas as well as loved families as well. Each little bottle holds up to 100 spritzes that can leave the porcelain sleigh smelling better than you found it. Using a blend of natural essential oils, Poo-Pourri uses no synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates, aerosols, alcohol, or formaldehyde, which makes for a much safer environment for your family as well as a better smelling one. The three new scents are Oh, Spritzmas Tree, Berry Bum Bum and Season’s Seating’s and they offer you a fresh smell of woody cypress, juniper berries, smoked vanilla bean, cedar and sandalwood in the Oh, Spritzmas Tree one. Tangerine and ripe cranberries mulled in warm spices topped with holly greens and golden honey in the Berry Bum Bum one and oak aged bourbon and patchouli with amber and sweet vanilla in the Season’s Seating’s. The bottles are sparkly adding a bit of glam and perfectly sized to take with you in your bag, giving it another reason for them to be a must have this Christmas time.


Duck Toilet Fresh Discs Limited Edition Berry Magic

Duck toilet cleaner disc

From Orcado for £3.50

BUY NOW These Limited Edition Berry Magic gel discs from Duck will fill your toilet with a festive scent of raspberries and red and green apples scent after every flush. Better than just freshening your toilet these Duck Action Gel Discs also cleans and sanitizes your toilet by killing germs and bacteria.


Santa Hand Soap

Santa HandWash

From The Range for £1.49

BUY NOW The Novelty Santa Hand Soap will add some festive cheer to your sink in the kitchen or the bathroom whilst keeping your hands clean. The kids love this hand wash and the smell and we thought at this price it offered great value for money.


Warm Cinnamon Zaflora


From Amazon from £5.00

BUY NOW We are big fans of Zaflora disinfectant, its known for its killing powers in eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and viruses such as E-Coli, Salmonella and Influenza. This wintery zaflora is a 3-in-1 multipurpose concentrated disinfectant that you can dilute down and use to spray with to wipe down surfaces, use to mop the floors. Soak things in or you can use it neat to clean out your drains and plugholes. You can use zoflora disinfectant on floors, baths, tiles, taps, worktops, drains, dishcloths, toilets and potties. It’s also completely safe for use on hard surface pet areas. Zoflora is a concentrated multipurpose disinfectant that also gets rid of odours to leave your house smelling lovely, and this festive treat leaves your rooms with a seasonal scent of warm cinnamon, cloves and vanilla.


Fabuloso Mulled Wine Disinfectant Spray

Fabulosa Spray

From B & M for £1.00

BUY NOW With this Fabuloso ready to use disinfectant spray you can kill 99.9% bacteria and viruses this Christmas with the added slow cooked mulled wine aromatic scent of cinnamon and spice. We found it to be the double bonus of cleaning and great festive scents.


Flash All Purpose Festive Apple Spice Spray

Flash Apple

From The for £1.49

BUY NOW You can make your family home smell like Christmas this year with this Flash limited edition all purpose apple spice spray cleaner and its perfect for using in the kitchen, bathroom, floors and surfaces This flash spray is powerful at cleaning and can even work well with cold water, but best of all it leaves an intense festive smell afterwards.


Packmate Space Saving Storage Bags


From Packmate from £9.49

BUY NOW If you’re looking to make some extra space over the Christmas period then these Packmate space saving storage bags are just what you need. Leading vacuum storage specialist, Packmate comes in a variety of sizes and is the perfect solution to seasonal decluttering. The entire product range has had a revamp which includes several updated features such as a new zipper, improved valves and eco-friendly packaging.

PackMate 2

You can pop in all the summer clothes, beach towels and even the cushions for the outdoor summer garden set then using a vacuum simply take the excess air out and compress the bag for space saving storage, keeping them dry and dust free, whilst still being able to see what is inside. They are so handy and even come with a 5-year guarantee, making them great value for money.


Fabuloso Foam Mulled Wine Cleaner

Fabulosa Cleaner

From Fabuloso for £1.79

BUY NOW This Fabuloso foam cleaner is a handy tin to have in your cupboard this Christmas by using a quick drying foam you can freshen your carpets or upholstery with no need to vacuum after. You simply spray the foam on to the areas that need cleaned and lightly wipe the stains away leaving a festive mulled wine scent clean area behind.


Fabreze Limited Edition Vanilla Cookie Air Mist

Vanilla Cookie Mist

From Tesco for £2.00

BUY NOW From the second we sprayed this we feel in love, it’s such a wicked Christmassy vanilla cookie scent that cleans away odours, leaving a welcoming atmosphere Febreze products use a unique odourclear technology, which means it continues to elimination odours for up to 90 days, we also used it inside our car as well as around our home.




All Prices Correct at Publishing 6th December 2021

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