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National Unicorn Day is Coming and Here is Our Top 15 Gifts Ideas

Get ready to sprinkle a little magic into your life because National Unicorn Day is galloping our way on the 9th April 2024! It’s the perfect time to celebrate everything enchanting and sparkly about these mythical creatures that capture the hearts of both young and old. So, if you or someone you know is utterly obsessed with all things unicorn, you’re in the right place. Dive into our Top 15 Guide to discover the latest, most popular, and utterly unique gift ideas designed to delight unicorn lovers of all ages. Whether you’re hunting for that special something to wow your little ones or looking to treat yourself to a bit of whimsical joy, we’ve got you covered with treasures that will make this National Unicorn Day unforgettable.

Here are our Top 15 Picks for Gifting any Unicorn Lover


Giant Unicorn Garden Sprinkler

This is an epic summer must have! This is a Huge inflatable unicorn garden sprinkler that stands over 6 feet tall will be a fun way to keep cool this Summer. It is made of PVC and connects to all regular sized garden hoses. For more info on price, exact sizes and how to buy Click Here


Skip Hop Kids Unicorn Rolling Luggage

This is a fun luggage bag, great for overnight stays or as an easy carry-on for your holidays as it has a retractable handle and shoulder strap. It is nice and sturdy and has cute little rainbow zips. For more info on price, exact sizes and how to buy Click Here


Flik Flak Girls Unicorn Watch

This is a brightly coloured, good quality watch with easy to read numbers. For more info on price, exact sizes and how to buy Click Here


Pink Sterling Silver Unicorn Earrings

These are stud earrings for pierced ears made from genuine 925 sterling silver. For more info on price, exact sizes and how to buy Click Here


Magic Unicorns Cosatto Zoomi Car Seat

This car seat is Group 1 2 3 (9 – 36 kg) With an exclusive 5 Point Plus Anti Escape System harness – great for keeping little wrigglers in place.  It also has adjustable headrest Chest and tummy pads and covers are all washable. This Unicorn design has been super popular and been in and out of stock a lot since it’s been on sale. For more info on price, exact sizes and how to buy Click Here


Unicorn Light Up Speaker

Music Creator Unicorn Bluetooth Speaker

This National Unicorn Day, light up your little one’s world with the enchanting Unicorn Light Up Speaker! It’s not just any speaker; it’s a magical companion compatible with both Apple and Android devices. Imagine the joy on their faces as they play their favourite tunes through this adorable unicorn, illuminated in 8 captivating light modes. Whether they’re throwing the ultimate kids’ party or seeking a comforting night light, this speaker shifts seamlessly from a soft, soothing glow to a vibrant party pulse. Plus, with the added fun of personalising it with stickers, your child can make their Unicorn Speaker uniquely theirs. For ages 6 and up, this rechargeable, versatile gift promises to be the highlight of their National Unicorn Day celebrations and beyond! For more info and how to buy Click Here


Unicorn Colour Changing Umbrella

Colour Changing Unicron Umbrella

This isn’t just any Unicorn Umbrella – It’s a colour changing one, with all the colours changing every time it gets wet. For more info on price, exact sizes and how to buy Click Here


Unicorn Microwaveable Toy

Unicorn Microwaveable Toy 2

This National Unicorn Day, imagine tucking your little one into bed with a warm and soothing friend — the Unicorn Microwaveable Toy. Just 90 seconds in the microwave and this cuddly unicorn becomes a cozy companion, gently scented with French Lavender to help soothe, warm, and comfort your child as they drift off to dreamland. It’s a safe, snuggly alternative to a hot water bottle and the perfect bedtime buddy for any child. Plus, its adorable design and calming lavender scent make it a hit among kids and parents alike. Ready to bring a sprinkle of comfort to your child’s bedtime routine? Find this magical friend right here and make this National Unicorn Day one to remember.


The Unicorn Cookbook

This cookbook has Magical Recipes for Unicorn Lovers. It is full of dazzling cookery brimming with sparkles and rainbows, from the magical explosion cake to happiness pancakes, perfect for an afternoon of fun or to create a spread for your little ones Birthday. For more info on price, exact sizes and how to buy Click Here


Playmobil Take Along Fairy Unicorn Garden

Playmobil Unicorn Carriage with Pegasus and Princess

Celebrate National Unicorn Day by whisking your little one away on a magical adventure with the Playmobil Unicorn Carriage with Pegasus and Princess set! This enchanting playset lets imagination take flight into the heart of an enchanted forest, where princesses, a majestic Pegasus, and friendly unicorns await. With two Playmobil princesses and a child figure ready to embark on a whimsical journey, plus a unicorn eagerly anticipating the arrival of its new winged companion, the story possibilities are endless. They’ve even remembered a tasty snack for the baby unicorn! Featuring a beautiful horse and carriage that can be detached for extended play, a pink unicorn foal, and a unicorn baby, this toy is perfect for children ages 4 and up, promising magical play hours. Dive into a world of fantasy and friendship with this delightful set, available right here. Make this National Unicorn Day extra special with a gift that’s sure to spark joy and creativity in your child’s heart.


Dreamy Eyes Unicorn

Dreamy Eyes Unicorn

Who can resist this Cute big eyes fluffy Unicorn aww…… This is a super soft, colourful good quality 12 inch unicorn teddy that kids love to cuddle. For more info on price, exact sizes and how to buy Click Here


Kids Soft Unicorn Bathrobe

Kids Soft Unicorn Bathrobe

This National Unicorn Day, wrap your little one in a bundle of magic with the Kids Soft Unicorn Bathrobe set! Crafted from soft and cozy flannel, this adorable dressing gown is designed to keep them snug and warm, whether they’re winding down for bedtime or lounging around on a lazy weekend morning. The set includes a unicorn-themed hooded fleece robe and matching unicorn slippers, making it a complete package of cuteness and comfort. With a built-in belt and button closure for easy wear, this fluffy dressing gown is the ultimate in home leisure luxury. Perfect for kids who love adding a touch of enchantment to their routine, it’s an ideal gift to make their National Unicorn Day unforgettable. Ready to see their eyes light up with joy? Click here to give them the coziest hug wrapped in unicorn magic!


Baby Unicorn Fingerlings

These Baby Unicorn Fingerlings love to hold onto your fingers! They are Magical interactive pets that responds to noise, motion, and touch with blinking eyes, their head turns, and they have a variety of cute noises. They come in different colours and pink, white and purple. For more info on price, exact sizes and how to buy Click Here


Unicorn A4 Personalised Word Art

unicorn picture

This is a Unique and Pretty Personalised Unicorn print comes in either A4 or A5 sizes and with a frame. For more info on price and how to buy Click Here


Unicorn Charm Jewellery

This is a fab Unicorn Charm Jewellery craft kit for kids aged for over 4 year olds. Your little ones will enjoy threading together lovely charms and sparkling beads to create over 10 pieces of delightful ‘Unicorn’ inspired jewellery. For more info on price, exact sizes and how to buy Click Here


And there you have it, our magical roundup for National Unicorn Day that’s bound to bring smiles, sparkle, and a touch of enchantment to your celebrations. Whether you choose a glowing speaker, a cozy microwaveable friend, an adventurous Playmobil set, or a snuggly bathrobe, each gift is sprinkled with unicorn magic, perfect for the little dreamers in your life. Remember, unicorns remind us of the power of imagination, the beauty of kindness, and the joy of believing in the impossible. So, this National Unicorn Day, why not spread a little magic and make the day truly unforgettable for our loved ones. Happy National Unicorn Day!

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