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Summer Outdoor Toys for Kids 2022

Summer Vibes are here and we have been getting outdoors to try out some of the latest fun toy offerings that are on the market for families, check out our Best 2022 Summer Outdoor Toys for Kids now.

As the weather gets warmer and the sun is more a permanent fixture in our skies it’s time, we can enjoy more fun and games in the outdoors with the family.

With this in mind you might be thinking of updating your outdoor toys to break the boredom up, so if you’re looking for some inspiration with this, we have put together a handy list of some of our tried and tested favourites that are on the must haves list for this year’s summer months ahead.


At the Beach


Brainstorm Mega Inflatable Globe

balance ball and ball

For £11.13 From Amazon


This is a fab education toy to take with you and the kids down to the beach this Summer. This inflatable ball is great quality and is huge, its a mega-sized 50cm diameter inflatable political globe.

mega ball

With the bright colours we love how much detail it has and how easy it was to blow up. Kids can see where each country is as well as the longitude and latitude lines

ball on beach

We think this is a lovely way for your children to learn about countries capital cities, continents and oceans all while playing and it even comes with an educational game ideas sheet


Dolphin Body Board

body board

For £9.99 From The Range


This body board is fab for kids to run and skim the beach waves on as it comes into meet the sand, as well as using it to float around on in deeper waters.

The Range has some fab designs, so you will find it easy to find one suitable all kids ages. Its light to travel, perfect size for kids and robust enough to take some chucking around from the kids.


Ice Cream Bucket Set

ice cream bucket main

For £4.99 From The Range


Coming in either a Pink or Blue set this Ice Cream Bucker set is very cute. It comes with four ice cream cones, a scoop and then a main bucket with lid that can hold the cones in, we think it offers a bit of fun as kids can pretend to run a sand ice cream shop.

ice cream bucket


Beachball games set

paddle boards in net

For £9.99 From Sports Direct


Sports Direct have a fab range of various beach paddle and ball sets, ideal for playing tennis on the sand, this set we thought offered great value for money, its well made and the prefect size to pop in your picnic bag to take with you on your family day out.

paddle boards



Active Fun


Waboba Backnine, Nomadic Disc Golf

backnine in bag

For £20.39 from Amazon


Backnine is a fantastic game for all members of the family. The kids found it easy to learn how to play. First you throw the larger target ring like a frisbee and then using the smaller discs each take it in turn to try and get your disc inside on touching the target.

We love how this game can be adapted to longer distances for adults and shorter distances to allow for kids to enjoy too.


We were so impressed by how far all the guys got these to fly, and whilst so light and easy to take on your travels, we think this would be an amazing game for playing over the summer on the beach, in the park or simply for just some back garden fun whilst enjoying all the family BBQ’s.


Nitro Circus Ryan Williams Signature Replica Pro Stunt Scooter

scooter and box

For £69.95 from Skates


This is a fab scooter if your child wants to get into stunt scootering. It is based on the Nitro Circus Ryan Williams Signature Stunt Scooter.

scooter front

We love the bright gold colour and how this design is an ideal first complete scooter for beginner and more advance scooter riders, so it can really grow with your child.

scooter wheel

This scooter comes in 2 sizes, the Junior (75cm Height) and the Standard replica size (80cm Height). Its not a foldable model but the handlebar is adjustable in that it comes with a fixed size which can be cut down to size if you need to. It really does ride well and the quality in our opinion is well worth the money.

scooter handle bars


Badminton Racket and Net Set

badminton set in bag

For £35.00 from Badminton HQ


We love how this full size badminton set was so easy to set up and pack up to take with your family to the park. Inside this badminton set you get the full height net, 4 rackets and 4 shuttle cocks. We even worked out if you want to put the net lower for smaller kids you can no problem by just not putting one of the poles in.

badminton set and net

This badminton set will be great for building your kids coordination and muscle strength over the summer. We love taking new sporty play toys with us to the park and have to say the quality of this set is brilliant value for money as it will last for ages.


Traditional Rounders Set

Rounders set in bag

For £23.95 from Amazon


We were really impressed with the quality of this traditional rounder’s set, the ball is fab quality as is the wooden bat making it perfect for hitting huge distances. We found this set prefect for both young kids to older teenagers and adults to play making it ideal for all members of the family to play in the park with this summer.



Sonic Fin

sonic fin

For £15.98 from Amazon


This Sonic Fin is a high performance football that the kids will love to test their throwing skills with. It has a hollow inside which help give it huge lift and max distance in the air and it can even be thrown up to 300 feet.

We think its clever how you can adjust the fins to help you with your speed and distance as well as help max out your throwing skills no matter if you are left or right handed.

sonic fin

This Sonic Fin has even been officially endorsed by the pro quarterback Russell Wilson, all the kids enjoy challenging each other to see who could throw it the furthest, it definitely provided hours of play time.



Garden Toys


Balancing Ball Set

balance ball and ball

For £28.99 from EDX Education


Very similar to the traditional egg and spoon race this balancing ball set is not only super fun to play and race with but also helps kids improve their hand eye coordination through playing.

balance ball

The set comes with brightly coloured balls and handles which are really light and great quality, not flimsy so will last for many summers. We found them to be really travel friendly making them perfect to take with on your family picnic or beach day.


TP Bug Hotel

tp bug hotel

For £39.99 from TP Toys


Made from sustainably sourced FSC certified European wood this beautifully coloured bug hotel has three rooms for all the bugs to stay in.

This is a fun way for the kids to get up and close to all the creepy crawlies that venture into your garden.

We loved how kids can learn through play with this bug hotel as it comes with activity sheets that helps kids identify bugs as well as help them learn fun facts about them.

tp house

Hassel free this bug hotel arrives pre-assembled and is aimed at kids over the age of three. We think this will be the perfect outdoor toy this summer for all curious kids.


Gruffalo Dobble

Dobble Gruffalo in box

For £14.99 from from Waterstones


Dobble is an awesome easy to travel with game of speed and observation that all family members can enjoy playing and we just love this Gruffalo themed version of it.

We are huge fans of Gruffalo and this game is a fun way for your little ones to explore the deep dark wood to see what they can spot.

This game comes in a cute metal tin and has 30 different cards each with many different illustrations from the beloved children’s book, The Gruffalo, such as a mouse, a fox, an owl, or the fearsome Gruffalo’s knobbly knees or terrible teeth.

dobble gruffalo

Each player places down a card from their pile one on top of each other and every card will always have one matching pair of illustrations and you just need to spot it the quickest.

This game is aimed at kids over 4 and can be played with 2 or more players. We think this will make the perfect game to pop in the picnic bag this summer.


Melissa and Doug Wooden Ice Cream Counter

ice cream counter

For £44.99 from Bargain Max


We are completely in love with this adorable Ice Cream Counter play set from Melissa and Doug. Made from wood kids can take their mobile ice cream shop with them as the pretend to be the top ice cream seller of the summer.

We love the detail that has gone into the ice cream cones and topping options, with some toppings looking almost real. They all fit securely into holes on the counter so not to go missing when moving around. On the front of the counter, it has cute pictures showing customers which types of ice creams are on sale.

melissa and doug ice cream menu

Kids can use the scoop and tongs to build the yummy ice cream cones or tub orders too and we just love how it comes with a handheld menu as well as pretend money to add to the shop keeper role play experience.

ice cream counter up close

Melissa and Doug yet again has not disappointed with the premium quality of this summer toy and we can this this lasting for years and years so think it offers amazing value for money as a child toy.

Melissa and doug money


Zzzopa Ball

zzzopa balls in box

For £7 from The Entertainer


Kids will love this fidget toy that is also a sports ball, available in different types of sports ball designs we love how Zzzopa ball combines the practical game play use of a ball that actually bounces, it’s a dream to throw and it also has a spinning action just like a fidget spinner, as each ball has a finger holding button on the top and bottom you will find it so easy to spin. This is for sure an addictive toys for the kids this summer.

zzap ball



Water Play


Waboba Pro Water Ball

water ball

For £7.96 from Amazon


We have not seen anything like this before, its awesome for some family fun down the beach, pool or lake. The Waboba pro ball is made in such a special way with a gel core that it actually bounces on water.

Water ball in wave

You can throw it between each other and watch it bounce high off the water as you dive in to catch it. Its light weight, easy to control when throwing and dries a lot quicker than we thought it would. Aimed at kids over ten we found younger kids enjoyed playing with it just as much and no worry if you don’t catch it as the ball even floats on the top of the water until you can grab it.


Remote Control Swing Shark

Remote control shark in bow

For £16.99 from the Range


Looking for something a bit different to take to play with in the water this summer then we think this fierce remote control great white shark is a fab option.

remote control shark in water

We tested it in both rivers and on the beach and had hours of fun with it. Its easy to control and fast when it gets going in the water, with a realistic swimming action of a shark that the kids found funny to try spook friends with that were swimming nearby.


500 Water Balloons

water balloons 500

For £3.49 from the Range


Summertime is the perfect time to get water balloons out to play in the garden with, we found these ones in The Range that were affordably priced, easy to fill and easy to burst making them great for kids young and old to play with and we also loved how they come in a fab container to store them in and handy adapters to help with filling them


Water catapult

catpult on sand

For £1.79 from the Range


Pocket Money toys wise this water catapult offers amazing value for money this summer. Kids can enjoy soaking the two soft balls in water before taking aim and firing them with the catapult. Its great fun to practice hitting various items in distance challenges as well as fun water play chasing your friends.





All Prices Correct at Publishing 1st July 2022



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