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Fun Family Tabletop Games for Halloween

Halloween is the perfect time to enjoy Family Games Night together playing tabletop games with a Halloween or Spooky Theme. If your family needs some new games to play, then we have some fab ideas of new and fun games on the market for families.

We have put to the test some new and old classic family friendly games that have a Halloween theme and thought we would share our Five Favourite avail this year.



2022 Best Five Family Halloween Games


Zombie Kittens Game

Zombie Kittens Game

£19.95 From Amazon


This New Zombie Kittens game is a undead twist to the fab original exploding kittens that sees the last player standing as the winner.

Playing this card game is really easy, inside the pack of cards there are exploding kitten cards and players simply take it turn taking a card from the pile until someone gets an exploding kitten card which is when they explode and are temporarily out of the game, because when someone else plays the new zombie kitten card they save them self from exploding but too must bring back a player.

exploding zombie kittens cards

All the other cards in the pack give you powers to help you avoid exploding and some of these cards you can even play together for bigger impact. For example the Grave Robber Card means all dead players must put one of their cards back into the draw pile, or the Attack of the Dead card which makes the next player take 3 cards from each of the dead players.

Zombie kittens cards

So in very simple terms if you explode you are out and lose and if you are the one at the end of the game that did not explode you are the winner. The other exciting part of this new card game is you can add it to any other exploding kittens game and play Zombie Apocalypse using all the different cards in the same game, which will also allow up to 9 players to challenge each other.



Ghosted Game

Ghosted game

£19.21 From Amazon


The winner is the first person to solve who turned them into a ghost. We all found it really easy to understand how to play. Each player takes an evidence board and marker pen and then you pick one weapon, one suspect and one motive card and place them in the board facing away from you, so everyone else can see them aside from you. Then with the remaining cards you shuffle and deal them all out to the players, you can look at your own cards but must keep them hidden from other players.

Ghosted game up close

Using the marker pen you tick off what cards all the other players have and what cards you have in your own hand as you know they cant be the ones that turned you to a ghost and now the challenge begins as you have roll the dice and start guessing and asking the best questions to be the first player to work out what three cards are the reason you have been ghosted.

ghosted card up close

This game can be played with 3 to 6 players and is aimed at kids over the age of 10. Its great for logic thinking but too super funny as on the cards are some pretty wacky weapons, silly suspects and a bit weird motives. Then add on the hilarious questions that everyone asks whilst they are trying to figure things out you can be sure this game will bring giggles to your games night, a proper game of Boo-Dunnit!.



Great Pumpkin Memory Game

Snoopy Memory Game

£7.99 From TK Maxx


This is a fab Halloween twist to the classic Memory card game, our favourite like so many families. Aimed at kids over 4 year and suitable for up to 4 players this Charlie Brown and Snoopy pumpkin filled card game will be perfect to play over the Halloween season.

Snoopy Memory Game up close



Gotcha Game with Zombie Hands

Zombie game

£12.49 From Amazon


This kids game not only looks the part for Halloween but is also great fun to play. This Zombie Gotcha game locks players in a house with a zombie, then challenges them to escape.

Kids have to match two Key Cards of the same colour to unlock a door. They do this by either picking a key card from the pile or trying to steal two from the Zombie Stash if they are brave enough, because at any time the Zombie hands could GRAB them and add a locked door to their pile.

Zombie gotcha

The winner is the first player to unlock all their doors and escape the zombie. There are 57 key cards and 24 door cards and this game is perfect for 2 to 4 players and aimed at kids over 5 years old.



Ghost Blitz Board Game

Ghost Blitz Game

£12.99 From Amazon


This is a fun fast paced family party game ideal for playing at Halloween parties. We found this game easy to understand how to play and perfect for getting you thinking.

In the game you get five wooden objects, Balduin the Ghost, a chair, a bottle, a book and a rat. Then there are 60 cards each with pictures of these objects but some have the colours wrong, so for example, instead of showing a green bottle it would show a grey one. Players take it in turn to flip over a card for everyone to see and players need to be fast at working out which picture on the card is the matching correct colour so red chair or white ghost and as fast as they can they have to grab that item from the middle of the table. If they get it right they get that card.

Ghost Blitz Game up close

If there is not a matching image on the card then players must be the first to grab the object that does not appear on the card at all. The overall winner is the player who at the end has the most cards. You can also play the game as players shout the answers instead of grabbing for the item its you prefer.

The kids found this ghostly game really fun to play, its aimed at children aged 8 and over but we had younger kids playing who enjoyed just as much.






All Prices Correct at Publishing 4th October 2022


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