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Free Online Fun Yoga Adventures Just for Kids

If you’re stuck indoors with kids and looking to get the kids active but also reduce their anxiety levels, then we can totally recommend Cosmic Kids Free Yoga Videos, as they take them on some fun adventures, whilst helping them keep calm.

What is Cosmic Kids Yoga

Cosmic Kids is a healthy screen time option for your kids as the presenter Jamie helps your kids get Stronger, Calmer and Wiser, by making yoga and mindfulness fun for kids.

The way they cleverly do this is by using stories that kids know and love and the videos are bright, colourful and on a level they understand.

There are loads of videos that you can pick from, including Roald Dahl book ones, Harry Potter ones, Moana and Star Wars ones and new ones are added every week.

They also have a Zen Den series which is their Mindfulness series helping kids learn about their feelings, practice breathing techniques to reduce anxiety and become happier.

They also have a Peace Out sessions which are guided relaxation sessions perfect for bedtime, Yoga Pose Adventures and even an upbeat Yoga Disco

Our kids are very familiar with Cosmic Kids as their school gets them involved in them and they think it is Brilliant Fun and do genuinely love doing them, which is why we thought we would share them with all our readers, as it’s a great way for families to get active together at home.



Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Yoga can offer your family many physical benefits such as:

  • Helps increase your flexibility
  • Helps increase your muscle strength and tone
  • Helps improve your respiration and energy
  • Help you maintain a balanced metabolism
  • It can help with weight loss
  • Helps improves your cardio and circulatory health
  • It can help improve your athletic performance
  • It can help protect you from injury
  • It can help reduce cholesterol levels
  • It can Improve kidney function
  • It can help relieve pain
  • Helps reduce sleep disturbances

Yoga can also offer your family many benefits to your mental health including:

  • It can help build your confidence
  • It makes you more mindful
  • It helps relieve stress
  • It can lessen symptoms of depression and boost self esteem
  • It helps reduce anxiety
  • Helps children’s social and emotional development
  • Helps improve resilience
  • Helps promote mental health to children
  • Improves your emotional balance

So as you can see by doing Yoga your whole of your family can become healthier in body and mind.


How to Access Cosmic Kids Yoga Videos

The easiest way for you and the kids to access Cosmic Kids Yoga is to subscribe to their YouTube channel, all the videos on there

Or the other way is to download their Cosmic Kids App, which will allow you to access these yoga videos in a commercial-free space


How Much Does It Cost?

If you access the videos via the Cosmic Kids You Tube Channel, then you can watch all the videos for Free and it will always be free.

If you access the videos via the safer, ad free Cosmic Kids App, then you will need to pay for it, you can get a 2 week free trial but after that it will set you back $65 / £50 per year or $10 / £7 a month. But by paying for the app it will of course help fund Cosmic Kids hard work.


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