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Top Tips to Keep your Baby Warm in the Winter

In the winter months parents of babies can easily worry about if their little one is too cold, so we have put together some Top Tips to Keep your Baby Warm in the Winter to help

Protecting your baby from cold-related issues is very important, however some new parents can make a few mistakes such as over wrapping up or putting puffy winter coats on their child whilst in a child car seat, so we have listed a few things to think about and keep your Baby Warm in the Winter.


Top Tips to Keep your Baby Warm in the Winter


Add an Extra Layer of Clothes

It’s a fine line between keeping your baby warm enough in winter and overheating them. So generally speaking, the advice is to dress your baby in one extra piece of clothing than you’re wearing.


Wear a Hat

This is simple, science shows us that everyone, babies included lose a lot of their body heat through their heads, so easiest solution is for your little one to wear a hat and indoor you can get thinner material ones than the thick woolly ones

Baby Wearing Winter Hat


Wear Mittens

Little Mittens are a god send for new-borns in stopping their little nails scratching their faces, but they are also amazing at keeping their ickle fingers warm and if heading outdoors then just remember to use 2 pairs or a thick pair of gloves as the little fingers are one of the first places to feel the cold.


Do NOT use a Bulky Winter Jacket in a Car Seat

We know even though your inside from the weather, your car can still be cold, especially when you first get in and it’s still heating up. So although you want to keep your little one warm a puffy thick winter jacket is not the answer as it can cause more problems than do good, we have explained in greater detail how it’s a Mistake for Parents to put their child in thick coats when in child car seats if you want to read more about it

LATEST NEWS Dont Make this Winter Coat Mistake with your Child Car Seat Safety


Use Body Heat

Don’t underestimate the benefit of your own body warmth in keeping your little one warm. If you have a baby carrier, or simply lounging around on the sofa, then a cuddle could be the key to keeping your baby nice and snug.


Wear a Snowsuit

A must for our little one in cold winter months is a snowsuit, not that we get loads of snow but they are super handy for babies and toddlers as they zip up and keeps their feet, hands and head warm all at once.

Again just remember when getting in the car after your outdoor adventure to remove it before getting in the car seat



Wear Footed Pyjamas

I know you can get cute warm pyjamas but its such a good idea to get ones with feet on them as well, as it saves those little toes from getting all cold


Use a Sleep Sack

A lot of people like to wrap their little one up in a swaddle blanket and whilst this will keep them warm enough as your baby gets older and more active during the night, it might be a better idea to invest in a sleep sack, as it keeps them nice and warm all the time, without blankets rolling off them during the night. They are also a safe way to not have to worry about blankets rolling over your babies face during the night

Baby Sleeping Sack Bag



How to Tell if Baby is Cold at Night

It’s really important to keep your baby’s bedroom temperature at a safe level. The best temperature for your baby’s bedroom is between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius and some people may think during the winter months you should turn up the heat, but really between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius is perfect during the winter months as its important to not let your little one over heat at night as the chance of SIDS is higher in babies who get too hot.

When checking if your little one is too hot or cold you should put your hand on the skin of their tummy or back of neck. Don’t gauge their temperature by holding their hands or feet as they will always feel cooler than the rest of their body.

If your baby is sweaty, hot or clammy then they are too warm! Babies generally only need one more layer than you have on to stay warm, so if they feel too hot you will need to remove some layers.


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Top Tips to Keep your Baby Warm in the Winter




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