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Checklist of Things you can Throw Away Tomorrow

Got some spare time on your hands and want to get your family home more organised and Free up some space, then we have the perfect Project Organised Checklist of Things to Throw away Tomorrow to help you

We are all guilty of holding onto items we don’t use, need or for the sake of just in case we find the missing part!

However, reality is if we haven’t found the missing part in the last year, we probably won’t. If we haven’t fix the broken item we either don’t know how to or just never will and if we haven’t used it in the last year, then it’s probably because we have outgrown it, no longer like it or simply no longer need it.

So, with all this in mind, why do we keep cramming our family home full of things we could easily throw away?

If we throw these items away then ultimately, it’s less to clean, less to look at and if your anything like us then less to pick up and ram back in the cupboard as it falls out each time, we open it!!

Ok so decluttering can be time consuming and faced with a mammoth task is often the reason we don’t start it lol!

But to help you tackle Project Organised we have put together a Handy Checklist which is broken down room by room, so if you don’t feel up to it or can’t manage to do it all at once, then you can keep a record of where you got to and carry on another day, rather than just not starting at all.


Checklist of Things you can Throw Away Tomorrow



  • Old Makeup
  • Expired Sunscreen
  • Expired Medicine
  • Old Hair Bobbles / Ties
  • Broken Brushes
  • Old Perfume
  • Old Toiletries
  • Dried up Nail polish
  • Old Towels / Bathmats
  • Old / Broken Slip mats in bath / shower



  • Unworn Clothes
  • Old and broken jewellery
  • Earrings without a match
  • Stained Clothes you can’t get clean so don’t wear
  • Unused purses
  • Old Shoe boxes
  • Clutter under bed and at bottom of wardrobe
  • Odd Socks you have been holding onto for over a year waiting to find the matching one, you not found it so far you aren’t going to



  • Plastic Tubs without Lids
  • Lids without Plastic Tubs
  • Kids Juice Bottles with broken or no lids
  • Travel Mugs with Broken or No Lids
  • Broken Appliances
  • Expired Food in Fridge
  • Expired Tinned and Boxed Food in cupboard
  • Unused Cookbooks
  • Chipped plates, mugs and glasses
  • Old un-useable kitchen tools
  • Melted, mashed up birthday candles you can’t actually use again
  • Any rogue cocktail sticks that are not in clean container
  • Loose Birthday napkins that can’t be used again
  • Old Cleaners
  • Ripped Cleaning Rags
  • Old Detergents


Kids Playroom 

  • Broken Toys
  • Games with missing pieces
  • Old Electronics
  • Unloved Soft Toys
  • Dress up clothes that the kids have outgrown
  • Unused Reading Books
  • Unused Toys
  • Unwatched, damaged DVDs
  • Old Colouring Books
  • Broken Crayons or Pencils or dried up felt pens
  • Dried out Playdoh
  • Unused Craft Supplies


Garage / Shed

  • Old Paint
  • Outgrown Bikes
  • Old Sports Equipment
  • Broken Tools
  • Old Rags
  • Unused Holiday items
  • Damaged Old Paddling Pools or Slip n Slides
  • Old Outside Toys
  • Unused Decor 

Lounge / Office

  • Old unused books
  • Old Magazines / newspapers
  • Shred old receipts
  • Dried up or old pens
  • Old notepads, just rip out any important pages needed to save
  • Outdated electronic
  • Old chargers and cables
  • Outdated software
  • Expired coupons
  • Old School Project resources
  • Old warranty books for items you don’t have anymore
  • Old keys
  • Old parts / accessories for old hoovers
  • Old Batteries


Don’t forget when you have got together everything you have decided to throw away, whilst they might no longer be of use to you they might be to other people, which means you could even make some spare cash off them.

For items that are in good enough condition you can always sell them on Ebay, Gumtree, Facebook Groups, Shpock or at your local Car boot / Table Top Sale and if you don’t fancy spending a lot of time on selling each item you could just offer them as a job lot as many people do buys these.

Also if you are not in need of the extra cash and the items are in good condition then there is still no need to fill your local landfill as someone will be in need for them and there are many charity shops you can donate them to, or many groups on Facebook to advertise them for Free on and people will even pick them up from you.

Throw Away Checklist


Happy De-cluttering!




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