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How to Make your Own Window De-icer and Save Money this Winter

As the mornings get frostier you might find yourself going through cans of de-icer and spending loads of money. Well why not Save a few pennies and make your own de-icer essentials and here to help we have some top tips of how you can do that.

The frosty mornings have well and truly arrived in West Wales and to save a frantic scrapping start to the day to ensure we are at school and work on time we tend to stockpile a years’ worth of de-icing products so to reduce our stress. Well how’s about also reducing you spend on keeping that frost at bay. Here are a few cheaper homemade options that could help you do just that.

So, if you’re up for saving some pennies in the lead up to Christmas why don’t you give these prevent and tackle homemade ideas a shot!



Winter Written in Ice

To stop your car windows from freezing, your best option should be to cover it which simply stops the frost from forming on it. If you have a garage use it, if not you can place like a tarpaulin sheet, thick layers of newspapers or cardboard boxes all work just as well, over the windows.

Another option to prevent the windows from freezing over is to make up a solution of 3 parts white vinegar and 1 part water and using a plant water spray bottle, spray this solution all over the windows covering well, before you go to bed and this will act as a repellent to the windows frosting over.



Child Ice on Car

Don’t worry if you forget to prevent, you can make a simple homemade solution at a much cheaper price than ones you would buy in the shops. All you need to do is mix 2 parts surgical spirit with 1-part cold water and using a plant water spray bottle, simply spray the solution liberally over the windows and watch the frost quickly melt away.

Or another cheap homemade de-icer is 2 parts of normal standard vinegar and 1 part cold water again using a plant water spray bottle, simply spray the solution liberally over the windows and the frost quickly melt away.

Another great homemade de-icer essential to combat frozen car locks is by using some hand sanitiser gel, which almost all parents tend to have stashed at the bottom of their handbag or changing bag. Hand sanitiser gel is an awesome way to unfreeze car door locks, simply rub a little onto the lock and the key and you should be all defrosted in seconds.

You might see a few people pour hot water over the windscreen from their kettle, we really wouldn’t advice this option as the shock of the hot water onto your cold windscreen can genuinely crack your windscreen and that’s an expense and hassle you don’t need!

Oh, and even if you try luke warm water just remember water will ultimately just freeze again, which is why its way better to add something like the vinegar or surgical spirit as suggested above.



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