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How to Sign your Child up to The Summer Reading Challenge

The Summer Reading Challenge takes place every year during the summer school holidays and this year’s Challenge will launch online and in the libraries in Wales on the 8th of July 2023 and we have all the information that you need to know about how to sign your child up for it.

What is the Summer Reading Challenge?

The Summer Reading Challenge is the UK’s biggest free reading for pleasure event for children. It is organised by a national charity called The Reading Agency, which works in partnership with the UK public library network.

The Reading Agency and your local libraries hold this Summer Reading Challenge every year during the school summer holidays, with the aim of encouraging children to read any six books of their choice from their library before they go back to school.

In return for their effort, children receive special rewards each time they finish a book and there’s a certificate for everyone who completes the Challenge.


Top 5 Benefits of Taking Part in this Summer

  • Prevents a dip in children’s reading skills whilst off school
  • Builds confidence in reading
  • Reading for fun improves literacy
  • Instilling a love of reading in children can help with their long-term wellbeing, as 19% of adult readers say that reading stops them from feeling lonely
  • Reading for pleasure enables children to have a higher level of empathy, greater self-esteem and makes them better able to cope with difficult situations


West Wales Family Life - How to Sign your Child up to The Summer Reading Challenge


This Year’s Reading Challenge Theme

Each year, the Summer Reading Challenge brings a fresh theme, and this time it’s “Ready, Set, Read!” Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey through the world of sports and games. Kids can join in the celebration of team spirit, cheer for their favourite sporty heroes, and indulge in endless fun. Get ready to embark on this exciting challenge and discover the joy of reading like never before!


How to Sign up to the Summer Reading Challenge

The Summer Reading Challenge is designed for children aged four to eleven and you can sign up for this challenge at your local library or online from home and it is completely free to take part

Irrelevant of this year’s “Ready, Set, Read!” theme children can pick any themed book to read and each time they go to the library to exchange their book for a new one they will receive exclusive rewards. Similarly, if your child is doing the digital challenge they will also have online badges and rewards to collect.

The digital challenge is also free to access and will include online games, quizzes and digital and downloadable activities to encourage children and their families to take part in fun activities at home.

With all the disruption that kids have had this year to their school life, this year’s reading challenge is going to be a fun and easy way for parents and families to maintain their child’s literacy levels.

If you wish to sign up via your local library you can find a list of all the libraries in West Wales in our local services pages or you can sign up online via the Summer Reading Challenge website.


How to Sign your Child up to The Summer Reading Challenge 3


The Summer Reading Challenge Website

The Summer Reading Challenge website can actually help kids keep track of their reading during the challenge and all year round, as well as give them ideas of what new books to read, take part in competitions and mini challenges, and play games, so it’s well worth a visit.

If your child wants to sign up for an account, a parent or guardian will need you to confirm their registration. To Sign Up to this Years Challenge you can do that Here and just like any other year if your child manages to read all six books they will get a certificate at the end.

The School Summer Holidays can be a challenge for many parents to keep the kids entertained and not break the bank, so this Summer Reading Challenge will tick all those boxes because “It’s fun, it’s free and it’s local!”




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