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Our Top 25 Favourite Uses for Magic Erasers

Magic Erasers really are Magic as they are such a versatile cleaning tool for families helping you remove dirt and grim from a variety of surfaces in kitchens, bathrooms and kids play rooms, but sometime people don’t realise just how much you can clean with them, so we thought we would share our Top 25 Uses for Magic Erasers with you.

Magic Erasers can be used throughout your entire house and some places may surprise you as they can replace all sorts of cleaning product, which could save you some money.

There are many different brands of Magic Erasers and you can usually buy them in stores such as The Range, Wilko or some supermarkets but for ease we tend to just order them off Amazon. This is the link to the JML Doktor Power Magic Eraser brand we buy and here you can see all the brands that Amazon sell and if you bulk buy they work out cheaper.


How to Save Money and Clean with Magic Erasers

The best about using Magic Erasers to clean is the fact you need nothing else apart from Water.

The Eraser comes in a large block, so you can cut very easily with scissors the size of eraser you need, so you are never wasting it and it lasts a long time.

You do not need any other cleaning products, you just run it under the tap squeeze excess water out and use. So saves money and cupboard space.

LATEST NEWS Our Top 25 Favourite Uses for Magic Erasers 2

Magic Erasers are mostly suitable for use on hard surfaces, we have never used them on fabrics.


Our Top 25 Favourite Uses for Magic Erasers


Remove Nail Polish

Magic Erasers are great for removing dried nail polish off pretty much any hard surface and carpets, so top tip, you spill it let it dry before you try remove it.


Kitchen Sink

Magic Erasers are prefect for removing soap scum and they are amazing as making stainless steel super shiny and clean



Magic Erasers makes removing spilled food off the inside of the oven really easy and they are amazing at cleaning and bring a good shine to the glass on your oven door


Car Bumper Marks

Parked at a supermarket and someone opened their door onto your car door or bumped a trolley off your car bumper? As long as the surface of the paint hasn’t been cracked or broken, Magic Eraser are ideal for removing scuff marks.


Scuff Marks

Probably the most popular use for Magic Erasers in our house. Scuff marks when things rub against walls or floors.  Top tip if you are cleaning walls, go lightly and slowly the first time, as depending on the type of paint you have on the walls it might take some of the paint off as well.


Unwanted Artwork

If you have a budding artist in your house and your little one loves to share their creativeness in paint, felt tips or crayons on your walls and furniture, then Magic Erasers are perfect for removing it.


Coffee and Tea Stains

Magic Erasers are great at removing a stubborn coffee or tea ring stain that you get around the inside of your mug. Equally they are good at removing mug rings that you leave on tables and worktops


Clean Shoes

Magic Erasers can make shabby, dirty shoes and especially trainers look like they are shiny new again. Perfect for Tennis Shoes or trainers with the white soles, these erasers bring them up super white again.


Decorating Mistakes

When you are decorating and make a mistaken and paint over skirtings, door hinges, light switches or smudge onto the wrong wall, then do not worry as a bit of water onto your Magic Eraser will totally remove dried paint.


Soap Scum

Magic Erasers work great at getting shot of soap scum in bath tubs, shower bases and shower screens. It works amazingly on grout, tile and fiberglass, depending on how dirty you might have to spend a bit of time scrubbing.



Rust on loads of different items can be removed by using a magic eraser, just be super cautious and test an inconspicuous bit before cleaning the whole surface.


Fridge / Freezer

Inside and Outside of Fridge Freezer can all be cleaned with Magic Erasers, if you have white appliances and stainless-steel ones, again though on the first time you go to clean them, just clean a small spot before cracking on with a large space.


Hair Dye

If you have every dyed your hair and spilled the hair dye on your bathroom ceramics or vinyl then you will not struggle to get it off with Magic Erasers



Magic Erasers are great for removing caked on messes that can be tough to remove from the inside of your microwave. Magic erasers also do a fab job on cleaning the glass and outside of your microwave.



Bathroom mirrors tend to get pretty mucky and magic erasers not only gets them clean, but it also prevents them from fogging up in the future. Prefect for anyone that has mirrored furniture as well.


Garden Furniture

Magic Erasers do a fab job in cleaning up patio furniture, especially items that are painted white. You can clean off dirt, food, grass and pet stains.


Pots and Pans

Stubborn baked on food to pots and pans is really easy to remove with Magic Erasers, no matter how stuck on they are and are especially good on stainless steel pans.



Magic Erasers are great at cleaning up either ceramic, stainless steel or glass hobs. So no matter if you have gas, electric or induction hobs you will get a shiny clean finish with Magic Erasers.



Magic Erasers are amazing at getting the glass on windows sparling clean, without smears inside and outside. Also, they are great at getting the UPVC Window Frames clean as well.


Cooker Hood / Extractor Fan

Magic Erasers easily cuts through the grease and grime that cakes on your cooker hood / extractor fan. In honestly will not only save you time but saves you having to use harsh chemicals to get shot of all the grim.


Stains on Tupperware

If you ever get food stains inside your plastic containers that normal washing up liquid or your dishwasher do not manage to get clean? Try attacking the stain with a magic eraser, they are fab for getting most stains and baked in marks off.


Car Windscreen

Ever find sometimes after you get your car washed there are still some stubborn bugs and dirt stuck on your windscreen? Well Magic Erasers are the ideal tool to get a shiny, smear free and critter free windscreen.


Garden Path

Believe it or not Magic Erasers are also awesome at cleaning stains off concrete paths. Stains on your concrete from algae, mold, moss or bird droppings can all be easily removed by using a magic eraser.



When it comes to carpets, Magic Erasers are great at not only removing stains but also odours, we have never cleaned a large area of carpet only spot cleaning such as stains from kids juice or wine, but don’t see why it cant work on larger stains.


Permanent Marker

Even every parents’ nightmare – The dreaded permanent marker is no challenge for the average Magic Eraser. Kids can draw it all over a huge range of surfaces and the magic eraser will wipe it right off but let’s not tell the little ones that as they could see it as a free for all!


One thing to be aware of is that magic erasers can be a little abrasive. So, before you get cleaning you should always test an inconspicuous area before cleaning the whole thing





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