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Top 9 Reasons Why you Should Dry Laundry on Outdoor Washing Line

Nowadays many family homes have a tumble dryer which is used to dry washing in a quicker more convenient way, but is that really the best way for your family? Why not have a read over our top 9 reasons why you should dry laundry outdoors on a washing line and then see what you think!

To some modern families drying your clothes outdoors on a traditional washing line is seen as old-fashioned, time consuming, or even unsightly as washing lines don’t look pretty in the garden.

But were thinking our grandmothers were onto something when they hung every load of laundry outside to dry, as there are many awesome benefits to drying laundry on an outdoor washing line.

Check out our Top 9 Reasons Why you Should Dry Laundry on an Outdoor Washing Line and see what you think: –


It’s Better for the Environment

By using a Washing line to dry laundry, it saves energy and helps to protect our environment by saving precious fossil fuels. It definitely a way to becoming a Greener Parent!

In 2018 the UK’s Office for National Statistics showed that Nearly three out of five households in the UK own a tumble dryer, that’s 58% of UK households. Although this amount has not changed drastically over the past 20 years, it’s still clear that as a power-hungry appliance if we used the Tumble Dryer less, we could significantly reduce the average household’s carbon footprint.


Saves Money

Not hard one to work out, by drying your washing on an outdoor washing line rather than in a tumble dryer or on indoor radiators it will save you massively on your utility bills. Yes, you will have the upfront initial purchase cost to your washing line, but this will soon even itself out on how much you can save monthly.

Tumble dryers are still among the most expensive items to run in your home, even though technology is developing to have running costs of the best performing tumble dryers fall more into line with dishwashers, and even some washing machines, the fact remains if we all used the traditional washing line more we could significantly cut down our bills each year.


Its Kinder to your Clothes

Being tossed around in a burning hot metal drum of a tumble dryer isn’t exactly a stress-free process for our clothes and will for sure add premature wear and tear to them. Potentially even putting strain on garments seams and even possibly snagging the material. Drying on a washing line gently blowing the items dry is obviously the kinder options.


Fresher Clothes

Giving your clothes a good airing by drying them outdoor on a washing line does leave your clothes, bed sheets and towels all smelling a lot fresher when compared to tumble drying and a lot less fake if you are used to using drying fragrance sheets within your tumble dryer.


Prevents Fires

It’s scary to think, but UK statistics for the period 2011-2015 indicate that in terms of fires attributed to faulty appliances, washing machines and tumble dryers are the most common. Between one and three fires in the UK every day are said to originate in tumble dryers. So, it goes without saying that by increasing the use of your outdoor washing line with reduce your chance of having a fire in your home.


Makes White Clothes Whiter

Getting all technical about drying clothes, did you know that the ultra-violet rays in sunlight can actually help bleach and disinfect your laundry as it dries? So perfect for white bedding or white towels but ok maybes not so good for dark coloured clothes though, you could always try drying them in shader place!


Helps you Lose Weight

Ahaha…. Say What!

Well if we are keeping it real then yes, the physical activity of carrying the clothes outside and all the bending from basket, to pegs to line will have benefits to your body. It’s thought that 15 minutes of hanging laundry or removing it from a washing line could burn around 68 calories and that’s got to help when your next stealing a bit of your little one’s milky bar!


Improves your Homes Air Quality

Many think outdoor drying of your clothes is seasonal and only should be done during the summer months, however drying clothes indoors in the winter can really mess with the humidity and indoor climate of your home, which in turn can lead to more dust, increase in allergic reactions, mildew and mould in your home

If clothes are not properly spun, damp laundry can contain up to 2-3 litres of water which will have to evaporates into your room, saturating the air with damp and detergent. Clothes will still dry outdoors in winter months so if not raining it will be a benefit to give it a go.


Reduces Stress

By including a 10 to 15 minute chore of hanging your washing on the line to your day can give you time to enjoy the weather, feel the crisp air against your skin and breathe in the fresh air. It’s thought that giving your body this outdoor experience can create peacefulness and harmony inside you and be quite meditative, in turn helping to reduce your stress levels, it’s certainly worth thinking about!



So whilst our British weather can make it more challenging than other countries to dry our laundry outdoors, after reading about the benefits it can bring to you and your family, do you think you might change your laundry drying habits and turn into one of those grandparent that is seen in years to come as being onto something?






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