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Conker Craft Ideas

Have you been collecting conkers with your little one? September and October are the best time to find them falling from all the horse chestnut trees.

Of course you can peel these shiny brown conkers from their spiky green cases, drill a hole through middle and tie a shoe lace through them to play the traditional conker game that we can all remember from being a child, however there is also many more creative things you can do with your conkers and here is just a few ideas for you: –


Making Conker Jewellery

Conker Necklace 2

Really simple to drill holes through the middle with a metal skewer and tread through some string or show laces to make a bracelet or necklace


Make a Wiggly Worm

Conker worm 2

Line them up and drill a hole through the middle joining them together with a shoe lace and paint a face on the end one to have big eyes and smile


Conker Painting

Conker Painting

Get out the paints! Roll your conkers in the different coloured paints then roll them on the paper, this is great fun chasing them round.


Conker Spider

Conker Spider

Draw a funny face on your conker and then stick some pipe cleaners on as legs – Remember they need 8


Spooky Eyes

Conker eyes

Use your conkers for some scary Halloween decorations, paint an eyeball on them. You can leave them peer out their spiky green cases or take them out and place them in lines


Noughts and Crosses

Conker Noughts and Crosses7

Paint an X on some and O on others and use them to play the traditional game of noughts and crosses…the oldies are the besties!


Pencil Toppers

Pencil Topper Conker

Make a shallow hole in the middle, just enough to sit snug on the top of your pencil and then decorate them into little characters with funny faces.




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