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25 Rainy Day Adventures for Kids

Don’t let some rain spoil your Family having Fun! Check out our Top 25 Favourite Activities to do with the Kids on a Rainy Day. 

Just cause it’s raining doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors and hide away, if your kids like to get out and enjoy the rain here are a few ideas of how to enjoy your Family Time specifically, when it’s raining

Out Top 25 Rainy Day Adventures for Kids

Measure the Rainfall – create your own back garden weather station and use an old juice bottle to measure the rainfall. All you need to do is cut open the top of the bottle and use a sharpie pen and ruler to mark out millimetres

Umbrella Singing – Another top favourite is twirling the umbrella as you dance and sing in the rain

Make Mud Pies – Use some utensils, plates and bowls form the kitchen and make some mud pies, don’t forget the sprinkle of leaves

Puddle Jumping – Get the Wellies on and see who can make the biggest splash, after all who doesn’t love jumping in Muddy puddles

Puddle Jumping 2

Build a Dam – Find a running stream of rain and put your skills to the test and try and build a Dam and see who can hold back the water for the longest

Bath Toys Fun – If you have some favourite bath toys, why not play with them in the puddles or take out a washing basin to collect the rain and play with the toys in

Race Boats – Try and make some boats that will float successfully and the race them in the race down a hill

Rain Art – Why not use the wet mud to write and draw shapes creating a piece of art, you can even use leaves and bark to make different patterns

Photo Shoot – Use the Rain as the perfect backdrop to your next Family photo shoot, you can even try capture the classic Puddle Jump shot as water splashes everywhere

Water Fight – Well your wet anyway right lol – Its not always cold when it rains in springtime, so why not get the water guns out and fill them with the rainwater and see who has the best aim

Play Sink or Swim – This is a fun guessing game especially for the younger kids, get a load of random items and see who can guess which will sink or which will float when you put them in puddle

Make a Bird Bath – Take the chance to capture some water for the birds, why not make a dish like shape that will catch the rain for the birds to play in or even drink

Make a raft for your Toys – Test your skills in making a Raft that floats for Barbie or Action Many style figures

Play Catch the Coin Game – Using either a bucket full of rain water or a really deep clear puddle place a 2p on the bottom and then take it in turns to drop a 10p into the water and try to cover the 2p, its Honestly not as easy as you think it would be!

Race the Rain – Find a smooth surface like a window and pick a raindrop each and see who wins the race to the bottom of the window first

Go for a Walk – It great fun going for a walk in the Rain and see how the rain runs off different surfaces, plus too there is something quite enchanting about walking through the woods listening to the rain drop of the leave and branches so high above your head

Take a Tree Shower – There’s no need for a sponge and shower gel to take a Tree Shower! Find a tree that’s had a good soaking by the rain, get the kids to stand under the branches and then ping them, they will proper laugh their heads off as they get soaks by the wet leaves

Skim Stones – If you can find some big enough puddles why not test your stone skimming skills, or if not big enough puddles then enjoy chucking the stones in the puddle to make a big splash

Make a River – Use branches and other items to create a river and you can even make bridges and boats and other scenes along the man-made river

Wet Sand Art – Go to the Beach….Say What! I know not the first idea of places to go that pops into your mind when it is chucking it down, but with the whole sand wet it is the perfect canvas do make some large art as you enjoy drawing in the wet sand

Play in Mud – You can make some pretty awesome buildings out of mud, bit different to building with Lego, but just as fun

Mud Play

Make a Waterproof Den – Use what you can find and try and make a den that is waterproof that you can sit and watch the rain from

Roll down a Hill – One for the more adventurous little ones, but uber funny as you roll down a wet hill like a pencil as you might find it becomes more like a slide!

Mud Face painting – Who needs paint when you have mud, why not create some fun face designs with mud, they pay a lot of money for mud face mask in the spa so why not!

Mud Angels – This is one for the brave and the ones with confidence in their washing machine and that are waking home, not taking the car or bus lol Yup just like in the snow lie on your back and move your legs and arms up and down to create an angel shape in the mud. Its crazy fun and well isn’t that what Family Time is meant to be!


❤ Happy Rainy Day Adventures ❤



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