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Girl Wore Elastic Band So Long It Embedded in Her Arm

Massive Warning to All Parents, never allow your child to wear an Elastic Rubber Band as Bracelet as this little Girls’ Skin grew over one and this isn’t the first time this has happened!

Shocking images have been shared as a warning to parents, showing doctors discovering a rubber band growing into the flesh of a four-year-old girl’s arm in China’s Eastern Anhui Province.

Flesh Quickly Grows Over the Elastic Band

The little girl had been staying with her grandparents who did take her to hospital concerned, after they discovered a raised bangle like growth around her arm at the beginning of the year and she was also complaining about pain and numbness in her arm. However, the doctors on this occasion could not identify exactly what was causing it and ended up diagnosing it as an infection or allergies.

The elderly couple had no idea that the little girl had been wearing an elastic band and that her flesh had quickly began to grow around it. Shockingly a local report, says the elastic ring had become embedded in her limb for at least six months since late last year.

As time went on and the little girl visited several local hospitals, her mum and dad finally decided to take her to the Children’s Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine in Hangzhou, capital of neighbouring Zhejiang Province. During this hospital visits the elastic band could be seen beneath the skin on this X-ray of the four-year-old girls limb



It was at this point the doctor Ye Wensong told them the “bangle-like” growth around her arm was probably being caused by a rubber elastic band. The parents apparently did not believe this theory, although they were happy for their child to remain in hospital for treatment.

Shortly afterwards during a thirty-minute operation, the surgeon successfully removed the Elastic Rubber Band from underneath the little girls flesh on her arm. The four-year-old, known by her nickname Le Le is continuing her recovery in hospital.


This has Happened to Children Before

Doctor Ye confirms he has seen a similar case once before and that “Thin strings and elastic bands can easily be concealed in the flaps of the child’s skin. Some young kids are still too young to talk, and the band goes unnoticed by their guardians.”

In fact, it was only a few years ago, in June 2016, we learned of doctors in China having to remove a rubber band from a four-year-old boy after it had grown into the flesh of his wrist. He actually came very close to having his arm amputated at the wrist as doctors said the object was affecting the little boy’s bone growth and was beginning to restrict movement of his arms. In this case the little boy had placed the band on under another silver bracelet so parents were unaware.



It’s a scary reminder for parents to not allow children to play or wear elastic bands, but also to be more vigilant and keep an eye on their children in order to identify these problems earlier. 



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