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LEGO Announces Trolls World Constructions Sets

The new Troll Movie Trolls World Tour, which will be the sequel to the successful 2016 Trolls movie is due to hit our screens in 2020 and if that’s not exciting enough, LEGO has just announced their partnership with Dreamworks to release Troll LEGO sets

The much-awaited Trolls sequel is planned to premier at cinemas globally in the Spring of 2020 and LEGO has taken to social media to announce their new licensing partnership with the Trolls brand meaning that kids worldwide will be able to play with multi coloured Troll LEGO Construction Set.

Jill Wilfert, Vice President of Licensing and Entertainment for the LEGO Group has said “We are excited to build upon our successful partnership with Universal by adding the popular Trolls franchise into our collection,”

“The first film was a colourful celebration of positivity that appealed to a wide audience, and we see a lot of potential in the Trolls’ universe to inspire compelling, creative play experiences.”

Joe Lawandus, the Senior Vice President and General Manager, for North America Consumer Products, Universal Brand Development commented that “We’re thrilled to be expanding our partnership with the LEGO Group to include the Trolls franchise,”

“Our collaboration with the LEGO Group will bring the Trolls’ vibrant world to life with construction sets that inspire creativity and open up new and exciting play patterns for the brand.”

What we wonder the most is what’s the hair going to be like? When LEGO teased us with a picture on their social media they cleverly excluded the head from the image so we are proper intrigued to see how LEGO is going to deliver the Hair the Kids know and Love!

LATEST NEWS LEGO Announces Trolls World Constructions Sets in article

The exact date that these Troll World Construction sets will hit our shop shelves has not yet been release, only that it will be in 2020, however we live in hope that they might appear as early as this December as they would make an easy Christmas Present for the Kids.









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