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Mattel Launches Physical and Digital Play with New Hot Wheels id

Mattel Is taking the classic traditional kids toy car into the Digital world, by cleverly blending physical and digital play together with their new Hot Wheels id

For years kids have claimed their car is the fastest, but now they can prove it with Mattel’s New Hot Wheels id. It can track every car’s speed, stunt and loop taken, as each vehicle has its own unique ID, giving the ability to collect its very own data, so kids can now genuinely prove their racing skills to everyone.

Play in the Physical and Level Up in the Digital

Hot Wheels id blend is totally offering a whole new way for kids to play with their traditional Hot Wheels cars by using this digitally connected racing system and the more kids play with physical vehicles on the Smart Track, the more they can level up in the app, tackle new challenges, and set amazing records.



Hot Wheels id Vehicles

You will need special cars for this digital circuit to identify them and collect your own specific gaming info and stats. These action-ready racers unlock extra in-game performance for an instant advantage over the competition.

Hot Wheels id Vechicles in article

Hot Wheels id Smart Track Kit

This new Hot Wheels track set is for sure the smartest ever. The Smart Track kit provides the ultimate Hot Wheels id experience, with countless physical and digital challenges, virtual rewards and upgrades, and performance stat tracking so to inspire you to want to break and set new records.

Hot Wheels Smart Track

Where you can Buy it

Currently you can only buy this from Apple and download the app from Apple App Store, although it will be available on Android Google Play from 10th July 2019

  • The Hot Wheels id Smart Track is retailing for £159.95
  • The Hot Wheels id Race Portal is retailing for £49.95
  • The Hot Wheels id vehicles are retailing for £6.95 and there are 8 to pick from at the minute.





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