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How Kids can Make the Perfect Sunflower Mother’s Day Gift

What’s more thoughtful for the Mother figure in your life than taking the time to make your very own gift for them on Mother’s Day and we have all the steps you need to Make them the Perfect Sunflower Gift they will love.

It is really easy to make your Mum their very on sunflower gift and definitely something that even the really little ones can help make. It is also not going to cost you that much either.


What You Will Need to Make a Mother’s Day Sunflower Present

You won’t need much to create this thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift, simply:

  • A 500ml old juice bottle, including the lid
  • Compost
  • Sunflower seeds
  • A metal skewer, or something to pierce holes through the bottle.
  • Water
  • Our free printable bottle labels (link below)
  • Some wool or string

Whats you need for Mothers Day Sunflower Gift 2

How to Make the Perfect Sunflower Mother’s Day Gift

  1. It is really easy and quick to make your Mum this pressie all you have to do is:
  2. Make sure you have thoroughly washed out and dried the old juice bottle as well as taking off any labels around the outside of it.
  3. Then using the skewer you want to pierce four holes around the top of the bottle. Top tip we used a metal drill bit, which we heated up with out barbecue lighter and it easily pushed through the bottle as it melted its way through, this is dangerous for kids to do, as the metal gets very hot so very much an adult task.Mothers Day Sunflower Buring Holes in bottle 2
  4. Fill the bottle up with around 2 inches of compost.
  5. Tilt the bottle slightly on to one side, then drop a sunflower seed in, turn a little and drop another and so on until you have all four seeds in the bottle.Mothers Day Sunflower Seeds 2
  6. Pour about half an inch of extra compost on top of the seeds so you can’t see them.
  7. Slowly add water, just enough to get all the compost wet and not too much that it leaves a puddle of water at the bottom. Top tip let water drip down the sides inside of the bottle slowly as if you go too fast it will move all the compost and mean the seeds won’t be covered anymore.
  8. Screw the lid on the bottle.
  9. Print off our free labels, cut them out and glue the Happy Mother’s Day one onto the front of the bottle and the little instructions label you can punch a little hole in the corner and thread your wool and ribbon through. Top tip we use a pin from our sewing kit to carefully punch a hole in our label.Mothers Day Sunflower Instruction label 2
  10. Tie the instructions label around the rim of the bottle in a pretty bow style.
  11. Finally give to your Mum with a Big Hug, Smile and Kisses on Mother’s Day x

Your Mum will never have to water this sunflower as the bottle as long as it is left in direct sunlight. This is because the bottle will act as its very own ecosystem, with the water in the bottle evaporating into condensation and dropping back onto the soil.

Once the sunflower is big enough, an adult can simply carefully cut around the bottle of the bottle with knife or scissors and take the sunflower out and plant it into your garden or a large plant pot to grow even more outside.

So there you have it – The Perfect Thoughtful Sunflower Gift for your Mum on Mother’s Day.


West Wales Family Life Mothers Day Sunflower Labels

If you would like to make this for your Mum, you can download and Print our Labels for your bottle for Free Here


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