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12 Fun Water Games to Keep Kids Cool This Summer

The Summer months in West Wales can give us some Uber Hot Days and it’s Super Important to keep the Kids Cool and Hydrated, but this doesn’t have to be a Boring Task as you play some Fun water games to Cool everyone down

To Help you out we have put together some of our Favourite Fun Water Based Games to help keep the children (and adults!) cool as this hot weather sets in.


Water Balloon Piñata

Tie some water balloons to your washing line and take it in turns to hit them with a stick until they pop.

12 Fun Water Games to Keep Kids Cool This Summer water balloons 1


Water Relay

Split the children into teams and give each team a cup. The idea is to transfer as much water as they can from one end of the course to the other by filling a cup from a bucket, holding the cup on their head and running to the other end and then emptying it into another bucket. The children should run in relay. The team with the most water at the end wins.


Have a Paddle

Fill up the paddling pool and let the children take in plastic cups, jugs and buckets to have lots of fun splashing around.

12 Fun Water Games to Keep Kids Cool This Summer Paddling Pool



Get the children to sit in a circle around a bowl full of water. Throw a dice and if they get a six (or toss a coin and get a head) then they must splash their hands in the water soaking everyone! Younger Kids love this as its up to them to soak everyone


Water Balloon Catch

Get the children into pairs and throw a water balloon to each other without popping it! Or for a bigger group, get the children to stand in a circle, shout out the name of a friend and throw them the balloon. See if they can catch out their friends that aren’t paying attention!

12 Fun Water Games to Keep Kids Cool This Summer water balloons 2


DIY Sprinkler

Poke holes into a two litre drink bottle. Attach it to a hosepipe and hang it from a tree or lay it on the floor to create your own sprinkler.


Water Fight!

We mustn’t forget the good old-fashioned water fight! Get out the water pistols and water balloons, set up some obstacles and hiding places around the garden and go to battle!

12 Fun Water Games to Keep Kids Cool This Summer Water Gun


Pass the Water

Get the children to stand in a line and everyone must have a plastic cup. The person at the front of the line has to fill the cup with water. They must lift the cup over their head and pour the water for the child behind to catch in their own cup. See how much water there is left when it reaches the end of the line. You can also play it in teams to see which team can get the most water to the end.


Water Balloon Towel Toss

Split the children into teams of two. Each pair holds a towel between them and they toss a water balloon between the teams until it pops. The team that makes it burst loses the game!

12 Fun Water Games to Keep Kids Cool This Summer water balloons 3


Target Practice

Draw a target on the patio in chalk and get the children to throw water balloons into it.


Slip n Slide

Get some plastic sheets from B & Q nail it to the grass, Ideally on a hill, cover it in washing up liquid and place a running hose at the top so the water runs down the plastic. Take a good run up and then slide all the way to the bottom, if you can you might even want to dig a small pool at the bottom of the slide to splash into

12 Fun Water Games to Keep Kids Cool This Summer Slip b Slide


Egg and Balloon Race

Give each child a wooden spoon, balance a water balloon on it and race! Try not to pop the balloon!





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