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Our Top 7 Favourite Pancake Day Children’s Books

Pancake Day is a favourite on the calendar of most kids as they get to eat yummy pancakes and sweet toppings, but this year why not make it last much longer than just one day. By buying your little one a Pancake Day themed reading book they can enjoy it all year round!

Here are some of our favourite Pancake Day Children’s reading books, some new and some are classics but all enjoyable as the next we hope your family will enjoy them as much as ours does!

Our Top 7 Favourite Pancake Day Books for Kids


If You Give a Pig a Pancake

If you give pig a pancake

Another oldie but a funny one as a little girl tries to keep up with the needs of a little pig, because after all if you give a pig a pancake, she’ll want some syrup to go with it! This a book that would be a good read for 4 to 8-year olds


Rhinos Don’t Eat Pancakes

Rhinos dont eat pancakes

This is a cute little book about a Purple Rhino that just appears as Daisy is eating her breakfast and let’s just say he loves Pancakes! Again another good read for 4 to 8-year olds and is written by Anna Kemp. You can get your copy on Amazon here


Pancakes to Parathas: Breakfast Around the World

Pancakes to Parathas Breakfast Around the World

We just Love Love this new book, the pictures are bright and bursting with colour and the images really help tell the story of how Breakfast varies from country to country. It is written by Alice B. McGinty and aimed at 4 to 8 year olds. It is available on Amazon here


Pancakes Pancakes!

Pancakes Pancakes

This is a cool little book that is good at explaining to little kids where their food comes from as the barnyard rooster wakes up and wants a pancake so has to go round gathering everything he needs to make one. Written by Eric Carle Pancakes Pancakes is a the right match for 5 to 6 year olds


The Runaway Pancake

The Runaway Pancake

This is a classic tale of how a Pancake doesn’t want to be eaten so it does a runner, and everyone has to chase it. Parents and Grandparents will remember the older version but there has been a fair few similar versions published over the years and one that’s good is a Usborne First Reader written by By Mairi Mackinnon and a winner for kids under 5. It is available on Amazon here


Big Pancake to the Rescue

Big Pancake to the Rescue

Another twist on the classic Runaway Pancake mashed with the butcher, baker and candlestick maker story is this book written by Katie Dale. Its about a baker whose giant pancake he is making jumps out of the frying pan and rolls off where the butcher and candlestick maker joins the chase, it’s a good pick for kids aged 5 to 9 and starting to read independently. You can get a copy for your child on Amazon here


Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast Mission Defrostable

Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast Mission Defrostable

This is a silly little book that the kids love, the characters are food, and this is the third in the Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast series and tells the tale of how the food are on a mission to save the fridge before all the food gets iced and therefore, they are on a Mission Defrostable. We really love the artwork in this book totally brings the story to life and just perfects the characters our favourite was for sure Agent Asparagus the kids found him very funny looking!

Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast Mission Defrostable is written by Josh Funk and would be a good pick for kids aged 5 to 9 years old.




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