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Flexitol Revitalising Foot Scrub Review

Having issues with hard skin on your feet can turn into a serious problem for some people. Flexitol Revitalising Foot Scrub promises softer smoother feet with ability to remove dead skin after the first wash, read our review to see our experience with it.

Our feet are important, but far too often we forget we need to look after them. One of the ways we can show our feet the love is by regularly exfoliating them, so we were very excited to have the chance to try out this Revitalising Foot Scrub that we were recently sent from Flexitol in return for sharing our honest thoughts with our readers.


Why You Get Hard Skin

As much as it’s a pain to have hard skin it actually serves an important purpose for us. It builds up when you have repeated friction and pressure on the skin, your amazing body reacts by hardening the area as a way to protect your skin from any further damage. This happens a lot on your feet, hands, elbows and knees.

On the feet specifically the most common types of dry skin are calluses, which are patches of dry hard skin usually found on the heels and toe pads, and corns which are smaller but can appear knobbly, usually found on the sides of toes.

Mostly having some hard skin is not a worry, but if the dry skin gets bad enough it can crack, bleed and even get infected if left untreated.



How You Should Treat Hard Skin

How Flexitol Foot Scrub can Help Hard Skin

The good news is that its not that difficult to treat hard skin, you simply need to moisturise and moisturise again.

However, something that some people might find harder is finding the best cream or balm to moisturise with. The best is to get one with active ingredients such as urea, which works by drawing moisture into the affected area.

Ideally you want to put a generous amount on to the dry skin after you come out of the shower in the morning trapping moisture into the skin and then apply more at least 1 – 2 times more during the day.

If you’re finding this isn’t helping you, it might mean you have an underlying medical condition such as diabetes, obesity or psoriasis, so best to have a word with your doctor.

Flexitol has a range of balms and creams specifically for hard skin, cracked heels and dry feet. As well as this foot scrub which promises to remove dead skin from the first wash and is also suitable for diabetics.


How Flexitol Revitalising Foot Scrub Can Help

Flexitol Revitalising Foot Scrub reinvigorates overworked feet by removing the build up of dead skin from the first wash. This effective formula contains 15% urea and clinically proven skin exfoliating acids to reveal smoother, softer skin, without harming the skin underneath.

It has an uplifting grapefruit scent to it, and the unique moisture guard system works to restore moisturising, leaving your feet feeling nourished and revived.


How to Use Flexitol Revitalising Foot Scrub

Flexitol Foot Scrub up close on foot

Using Flexitol revitalising foot scrub couldn’t be simpler, just ensure you have clean hands, use a good dollop to cover feet and massage gently using circular movements, paying more attention to the rough areas of skin. Then with warm water rinse it off.

Best results you will see if you use it once or twice a week before a shower or bath for softer, smoother feet. Plus if you follow up with another Flexitol lotion to maintain smooth, healthy feet. One thing to be careful with is that your feet might be slippery while your using it so just take care.



Flexitol is Safe for Diabetics

People that have diabetes are often more prone to dry skin on their feet for many reasons, like the inability to sweat normally, which is commonly associated with diabetic neuropathy and the reduced ability to store moisture in their skin.

The most common places for dry and chapped skin is on the legs and feet. With problems ranging from dryness to cracks, foot fungus, skin infection and ulceration. If left untreated it can weaken the protective barrier of the skin and cause complications.

Surprisingly though, creams sometimes can cause a build up of moisture, so people with diabetes were previously advised not to use them between toes as this would increase the risk of infection.

Additionally, exfoliating the skin can cause abrasions, which can allow sugar to enter the blood stream, and spike sugar levels, with those abrasions turning into wounds which are very slow to heal in diabetics.

Flexitol is safe to use if you have diabetes, as its not too harsh on the exfoliating side of it and is a urea-based emollient that’s safe and ideal for moisturising dry skin.


Where to Buy Flexitol Revitalising Foot Scrub

Flexitol Revitalising Foot Scrub can be found at most good chemists, as well as online from Amazon for £6.22


Top Tips to Keep Your Feet Healthy

Podiatrist looking after patient feet

Best way to keep healthy feet is: –

  • Have a fab daily routine to wash and moisturise your feet enough that it keeps them clean, and prevents cracks or dryness.
  • Exfoliating your feet is important and you will find what works best for you be it every other day, weekly or monthly.
  • Wear the right socks and shoes.
  • Super important is to have proper-fitting shoes with the right support.
  • Get your feet checked every year by a podiatrist to understand any potential risks for your feet and to gain knowledge on how to look after the skin on your own feet.


Would we Recommend Flexitol Revitalising Foot Scrub

Compared to other foot scrubs we have used Flexitol revitalising foot scrub is gentle and we definitely felt like it was more moisturising whilst rubbing it in. The grapefruit smell we liked, its not over powering and do get a lovely refreshing vibe after using.

For sure you can feel the benefits after one use, but this we found improves further the more you use it.

We have enjoyed the results from using Flexitol revitalising foot scrub and would totally recommend anyone on the look out for a new foot scrub to give this one a go.





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