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REVIEW: My Little Coco

Have you tried the New My Little Coco range from Rochelle Humes that is Exclusive to Boots? There is hair and styling products as well as bath and body moisturising products, why not check out what our parents honestly thought of them

In February 2020 Rochelle Humes launched a new product range called My Little Coco exclusive to Boots which has been designed in a way that is supposed to be suitable for the whole family, she said “I wanted to create a collection that was for the whole family no matter what the age, skin or hair type. Made with so much love from one mum to another”

So, if you have curly or straight hair, frizzy, thick, fine or dry hair then My Little Coco products will be suitable for you, so we thought we would get a whole bunch of different adults and kids to try them out and share with you our honest thoughts.


The Seven Product Range

There are 7 products in the range, which includes Coconut Smoothie Shampoo, Whipped Coconut Conditioner, Bath and Body Bubbles, Detangling Coconut Water, Coconut Curling Custard, Moisturising Body Cream and My Little Everything Balm


Products We Reviewed

Coconut Smoothie Shampoo

First off everyone loved the bottle as it has a push plunger on the top, this makes it easy if your holding baby in the bath with one hand and one free hand to squirt out some shampoo. It also helps older children from pouring half the bottle out in one go by mistake.

The shampoo is lovely and does what a shampoo is supposed to, with all the hype about the coconut element confused us a bit as you can’t hardly smell the coconut, but we are guessing this has been done with young babies in mind.

It is a mild shampoo, so if your kids have gone wild at messy play expect to have to wash your hair more than once with it.

But over all we have rated it 4 out of 5


Whipped Coconut Conditioner

Again, loving the bottle with the push plunger for the exact same reasons as we mentioned for the Shampoo bottle.

This conditioner is good for all kids types, its not super thick and if your hair is in a real bad dry and damaged state you might want to use a thicker alternative, but in generally everyone who tried it would use it again.

Smell again was expected to be more coconut but over all we rated it 4 out of 5


Detangling Coconut Water

The trusted detangler and any parent with kids that have curly or long hair will have no doubt tried loads of these as they are a god send.

We did love this detangling water. First off yes it works and does detangle making combing / brushing hair a whole lot easier. Bonus compared to others we have used it does not leave a nasty film on your hair, so once your hair is dry it still feels lovely and free flowing and not greasy.

We used it on kids and adults hair and worked fab on all hair types included dried out dyed hair.

Again Smell was mentioned by everyone, that its very light smelling, which I suppose if you are trying to appeal to as many people as you can, you want it to not be too over powering, but we would all have loved it to be a bit stronger coconut smelling.

But that being said we still rated it 5 out of 5


Coconut Curling Custard

Never having used a curling custard before it would have been really helpful to have some kids of instructions on the bottle, but after trial an error we did find that using this product on wet, towel dried hair works best.

Using on the kids and adults with curly hair, unsure how much we should use, we put quite a bit on and scrunched it up and left to dry naturally. It dried lovely, really defined the curls but also stopped it from being frizzy and left it with a nice shine.

For the kids who hate having frizzy bushy hair, this has been a fab additional to our toiletry cupboard again you know what we are going to say smell was very light, not much coconut smell to it but still we rated this 5 out of 5


My Little Everything Balm

This is a solid balm in a cute little tub, and there is not much instructions to it apart from you can use it on anything and so we did – We tried it on dry ends of hair, dry skin on elbows, knees and feet, on dry skin on hands and even tried it as lip balm.

I know you probs fed up with us talking about Smell but this one in our opinion does not smell amazing, nor anything like coconut.

Using it on the hair it worked well, great for taming frizz and if you are using on dry ends we would suggest before you go bed as could be a bit greasy to go out with in it, but that’s personal preference.

Worked fab on dry skin, it is a bit greasy on your hands, so you might find a smear on your smartphone or tablet if you use it soon after putting it on.

Amazingly it worked very well on badly chapped lips as a lip balm, but the taste is something that you will need to get used to if you plan to use regularly.

This really is a useful item to have in your cupboard, as it is so versatile and we can see it as lasting you a long time, so you will for sure get your money’s worth. However we have to give only a 3 out of 5 for it as mainly due to the smell really didn’t enjoy it and not sure that we would buy it again purely based on this factor. Though we have to say smell is a preference thing, so we would suggest if you can ask a shop assistant if you could open a tub to have a quick sniff and if you like it then it really is a fab little product, but just not for us I’m afraid.

We did not review the Bath and Body Bubbles and Moisturising Body Cream


Organic and Nasty Free

All the products use organic coconut oil and free from all nasties.

All products are free from parabens, sulphates and dyes. Also, they are vegan friendly and cruelty-free

They have been dermatologically tested and paediatrician approved and are suitable for sensitive skin, newborns, babies, children and adults


Price and Where to Buy

All the items are priced at the same £5.99 and can only be bought at Boots either in store or online


Children’s Books from Rochelle Humes

Childrens Books from Rochelle Humes

At the same time as Rochelle Humes launched these hair and body products in Boots, she also launched her first children’s reading book which was also about hair.

Her first book is aimed at kids aged 3 to 5 years old and is called The Mega Magic Hair Swap. It’s a good feel good kiddies book about friendship, self-esteem and celebrating curly hair.

It tells the tale of how a magical coconut helps two best friends to swap hair and is a fun story about celebrating differences and loving yourself from head to toe

Rochelle Humes’s The Mega Magic Hair Swap book is available here on Amazon in either paperback or kindle version

She also has a second book coming out in a few months called The Mega Magic Teacher Swap which you can pre-order now on Amazon here





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