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REVIEW: Piggy Paint Scented Non-Toxic Nail Polish

Does your child love to glam themself up by painting their nails? Are you worried about what the harsh chemical in most nail polish can do to your child? For us it’s a Yes and Yes!! So, we were super intrigued when recently we got sent some Piggy Paint Scented Non-Toxic Nail Polish and asked if we could give it a go and share our honest opinion of them with our readers. Read on to see if these Piggy Paint Nail Polishes are the perfect answer to all our parenting concerns.

What is Piggy Paint

Piggy Paint was invented by a mum of two young daughters who was worried that her 2 and 4 year olds were putting their hands in their mouths after having painted their nails with traditional kid polishes and she worried about what these chemicals could be doing to them.

She set about making a safer alternative to the traditional solvent-based polishes and came up with Piggy Paint, which is a non-toxic, water-based polish that is free of all harsh chemicals, cruelty-free and also vegan friendly.


What are the Dangers of Most Nail Polish?

Now this might surprise you, as a lot of us are not aware that most nail polish we buy in our high street shops and online are crammed full of loads of chemicals which are not only bad for the environment but worryingly are also bad for the person wearing the polish.

These harsh chemicals can cause nails to become brittle and their harsh fumes have been known to cause headaches, but shockingly scientists have actually found that some of these harsh chemicals in the nail polish are being absorbed into our body via our nails and cuticles.

The worst three chemicals that are in many nail polishes are known carcinogens and are

  • Toluene
  • Dibutyl phthalate (DBP)
  • Formaldehyde

It is because of these chemicals that you will now see many nail polishes saying they are a 3 free, 5 free, 7 free or 12 free brand of nail polish. This basically means that’s how many chemicals they are free from.

Its all pretty scary when you think about it, that a fun activity enjoyed by parents and their kids could actually see us unknowingly place our kid’s health in danger!

But thankfully as this issue has gained more awareness over the years, brands like Piggy Paint have emerged to offer families a bit more than others, as with kids in mind they have developed a good quality 100% free polish so a much safer alternative.


Why is Piggy Paint Nail Polish Safer for Children?


latest news review piggy paint nail polish up close image


Piggy Paint is non-toxic and safe for all ages, so babies, toddlers, children and adults. It is also a fab alternative especially for pregnant women.

The reason Piggy Paint is safer than many other nail polish is because it is made from more natural ingredients and has no harsh chemicals in it at all, so it has no formaldehyde, no toluene, no dibutyl phthalate (DBP), no Formaldehyde resin, no bisphenol A, no ethyl acetate and acetone or Camphor in them.

From what we can see these are the main reasons Piggy Paint Nail Polish is safer than other brands

  • Its non-toxic and free of all harsh chemicals
  • Its non-flammable
  • Its virtually odourless
  • It is a water-based formula
  • Its cruelty-free and vegan friendly
  • It’s safe to use during pregnancy
  • It has no parabens or alcohol in it


What is in Piggy Paint Nail Polish

As parents it can sometimes be a nightmare to find what ingredients are in things before we buy them, but we have to say we found it really easy to find out exactly what ingredients are in these Piggy Paint nail polishes and nail polish remover and we also found it really easy to double check online that all the listed ingredients were actually graded as non-toxic

The Piggy Paint Nail Polish Ingredients are:

  • Water
  • Acrylates copolymer
  • Neem oil
  • depending on the colour of nail polish it may contain some of these:  ultramarines, iron oxide, titanium dioxide, mica, red 28, red 34, red 22, red 7, yellow 10, violet 2, zinc sulfide/copper, chrome green, orange 5.

The Piggy Paint Remover Ingredients are:

  • Corn alcohol
  • Aloe Vera extract
  • Vitamin E
  • Embittering agent


Would we Recommend these Products?

When we ripped open the parcel full of Piggy Paint goodies all the kid’s eyes just lit up as they came in a super fluffy bright pink rucksack which fits loads in and is the perfect size for the little ones and older kids.

Inside we were also sent one of their water bottles, which we were well impressed to see was BPA free and Dishwasher safe, so that’s perfect for school lunches!

The nail polish we have been trying out is the scented 4 pack, which has the colours Wacky Watermelon, Grouchy Grape, Banana Besties and Cocoa Loco in it and 100% Banana is our fav smell and the purple grape colour has a sparkly finish to it so was the kids fav colour.

Like all nail polish the way to get the best wear out of them you should apply a base coat which Piggy Paint do and then put on 2 or 3 thin layers of your colour depending what shade you want and then a top coat, again which Piggy Paint do.

The point of the top and base coat is to help make your colour last longer, however Piggy Paint instructions also offer the useful tip of using a hair dryer on a low warm heat to set the nail polish for one or two minutes to maximise the chip resistance, which to be honest our kids didn’t bother with, maybe if they were going to a special school disco or something we might have done but to play around the house they were not fussed, but have to say after many climbing trips up the tree house, basketball shooting, lego building and hundreds of hand washing the nails still look beautifully unchipped and unfaded, so no worries about needing that extra tip here.

We also got sent a colour chart and which shows the loads of bright fun colours that adults and kids can try out next and they even have a glow in the dark colour which sounds pretty awesome.



For us this is a no brainer we would 100% recommend these to other families. We tried out all the nail polishes and the kids found the brushes easy enough to hold so they could paint their own nails and we even managed to paint some swirls and love hearts on their nails using the nail polish and cocktail sticks are it’s a good thickness to do it with.

We did have a little accident as one of the little ones spilt it on the rug, but must be down to the fact its water based as it wiped off no problem just some hot water and washing up liquid before it dried and no stain left at all.

It goes without saying the biggest plus for a parent’s mind though is that its completely chemical free and we know we are not letting them use something now for a bit of fun that could cause their health harm years down the line as there’s no nasties in them.

These Piggy Paint Nail Polishes are such a Fab Idea and they have loads of colours and accessories to go with, such as cute little nail files, gift sets and nail art stickers and you can get all of them with quick delivery from Amazon Here if you fancy having a little look.




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