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I’m Not Scared Book Review: A Delightful Children’s Tale Exploring Courage and Friendship

We’re excited to share our review of the captivating children’s book, “I’m Not Scared” by Britta Teckentrup. This delightful tale takes us on an adventure with a big and little hedgehog, exploring the theme of fear and its impact on both children and adults.

We were fortunate to receive a gifted copy of this new children’s book from Prestel, in return for use sharing our honest thoughts with you. Join us as we delve into the enchanting world of “I’m Not Scared” and discover if it deserves a special place on your child’s bookshelf. Let’s dive right in!


The Storyline of I’m Not Scared

The charming children’s book “I’m Not Scared” takes us on a journey with a little and big hedgehog. It all begins when the little hedgehog wakes up and realises the big hedgehog is missing. Determined, the little hedgehog sets off on a search, reassuring itself along the way that it’s not scared. Finally, the little hedgehog discovers the big hedgehog on the basement stairs and joyfully reunites.

Together, the adventurous duo embarks on a picnic, happily whistling as they go. However, their whistling is joined by another mysterious whistler. Both hedgehogs assert their fearlessness until they realise it’s the melodic birds perched high in the tree.

Continuing their journey, they encounter a big fox and swiftly roll down a slope, leaving their picnic behind. Despite the scare, they insist they’re still not scared. As they wander and play, unaware of time passing, they find themselves lost in the fog. It’s only when they stumble upon houses that the big hedgehog realises they’ve gone the wrong way.

Fortunately, they meet their old friend, the Black Cat, who offers to guide them home. Riding on the Black Cat’s back, the hedgehogs admit to each other that they were a tiny bit scared earlier in the day. By the time they arrive home, the little hedgehog is fast asleep, and the big hedgehog expresses gratitude to the Black Cat on behalf of both of them.

Kids reading this new children’s book can join the endearing journey of the hedgehogs as they navigate challenges, make discoveries, and learn the importance of navigating childhood fears. “I’m Not Scared” is a delightful tale that will captivate young readers and spark meaningful conversations about bravery, friendship and the reality of how everyone gets scared no matter how big or little you are.



About the Author of I’m Not Scared

Britta Teckentrup, the talented author behind the beloved children’s book “I’m Not Scared,” has captured the hearts of young readers worldwide with her enchanting storytelling and stunning illustrations. With a passion for creating engaging and thought-provoking books for children, Teckentrup has established herself as a renowned figure in the world of children’s literature.

Born and raised in Germany, Teckentrup’s artistic journey began at a young age. Her love for nature and wildlife is evident in her beautifully crafted illustrations, which often feature vibrant colours and intricate details. Drawing inspiration from the world around her, Teckentrup has a remarkable ability to bring characters and landscapes to life on the pages of her books.

“I’m Not Scared” showcases Teckentrup’s unique storytelling style, where she skillfully explores themes that resonate with young readers. Through the endearing journey of the little and big hedgehog, Teckentrup addresses the universal theme of fear and how children and adults handle it differently. With her gentle and reassuring approach, she encourages young readers to embrace their fears and find courage within themselves.

Teckentrup’s books have garnered critical acclaim and numerous awards, captivating both children and adults alike. Her ability to create stories that are both entertaining and educational has made her a beloved author among families and educators. With each book she writes, Teckentrup invites readers to embark on imaginative adventures while instilling important values such as friendship, empathy, and self-discovery.

Britta Teckentrup’s passion for storytelling and her dedication to creating meaningful and visually captivating books have made her a cherished author in the world of children’s literature. Through her works, she continues to inspire young minds, spark curiosity, and foster a lifelong love for reading. “I’m Not Scared” is a testament to her remarkable talent and her unwavering commitment to providing children with stories that touch their hearts and ignite their imagination.



The Illustrations in I’m Not Scared

Britta Teckentrup, the award-winning author and illustrator, brings the story of “I’m Not Scared” to life with her beautifully textured and softly coloured illustrations. Children of all ages are captivated by the visually stunning artwork that accompanies the hedgehogs’ adventure. The illustrations serve as a visual aid and add depth to the narrative, making it an engaging and immersive read for young readers.

Some of the pages the kids specifically talked about include the basement stairs, in a sunrise yellow, the kids loved how the fern and plants felt textured like the plants. As well as how you really got the spikey feel of the big and little hedgehog.

im not scared basement stairs page

Another page that brought smiles to their faces was when both little and big hedgehogs were in the large meadow. They loved how the grass was drawn and coloured, they felt it was one of the prettiest pages. They thought the butterflies were cute and the birds realistic.

im not scared spring meadow field page

Lastly, another favourite page was the blue night-time picture with the big-eyed cat and sleepy little hedgehog. They loved how even though it was a night-time picture things like the squirrel and plants still had colours, as so often when books have night-time pictures everything is dark and not brightly coloured.

Im not scared book black cat page



Would we Recommend I’m Not Scared

We were thrilled to discover that all the kids we shared this book with absolutely adored it. They were captivated by the story and found it to be a source of inspiration, sparking many engaging conversations. As parents, we value books that not only entertain but also encourage meaningful discussions, and “I’m Not Scared” certainly delivered on that front.

Designed for children over the age of 4, the storyline proved to be highly engaging, keeping the young readers fully engrossed until the very end. In fact, we’ve already had multiple requests for rereads, which is always a promising sign of a beloved book.

What impressed us just as much as the captivating narrative was the exceptional quality of the physical book itself. The pages are thick and luscious, providing a delightful tactile experience, while the hardcover and print quality add a touch of elegance. It’s truly a book that feels special in your hands and would make a fantastic gift choice.

Considering our own delightful experience with “I’m Not Scared,” we wholeheartedly recommend it to other families seeking an engaging and thought-provoking read for their children. If you’re interested in adding this gem to your child’s book collection, you can find it available for purchase on popular platforms such as Amazon and WHSmith.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to share this enchanting adventure with your little ones. Grab a copy of “I’m Not Scared” today and embark on a journey that will inspire and entertain the whole family.


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