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REVIEW: Art and Joy Best Friends Forever

If you’re looking for the prefect addition to your child’s book collection, then for a bit of inspiration keep reading as we review the New Art and Joy Best Friends Forever Children’s book, an arty tale discussing the difficulties about art bullies and feelings around them.

We were recently sent a copy of Art and Joy Best Friends Forever children’s book from Prestel in return for us sharing our honest thoughts with you, so read on to see what the kids thought and if we think it’s worth treating your little one with this new read.


The Storyline of Art and Joy Best Friends Forever

This story tells the tale of two best friends one called Art and one called Joy. They love being creative and making anything out of nothing. They use things they find and things that just happen to be around them to create some awesome art.

However, one day an art bully really gets inside the head of Art, telling them their creative ideas were silly and weird and not normal. This pressure from the art bully made Art lose confidence in the paint and material they liked to use to create their art and confidence levels gets low, as the art bully’s word really get stuck inside Art’s head, making them think everything they made was wrong and messy.

Art becomes sad as they miss the fun and excitement of making creative art like they used to. The story follows the feelings and thoughts of Art as they overcome effects of art bully’s words, learning how to tap into their imaginations and shrug off the Art Bully, discovering clever ways to get their creative groove back and go wild with colours, shapes, lines and random items they find.


About the Author

Danielle Krysa is a Canadian based artist and illustrator who already has a huge following on Instagram as the much-loved creator of The Jealous Curator, which is a highly influential contemporary art blog.

Danielle has written some fab books like Creative Block, Collage, Your Inner Critic Is a Big Jerk, and A Big Important Art Book—Now With Women and her previous children’s book How To Spot An Artist was winner of Best Picture Book Page in the 2021 Children’s Book Council’s Kids’ Book Choice Award in the 3-8 age range category.

In this Art and Joy Best Friends Forever children’s book, Danielle Krysa makes a nod to the fact kids have an inner critic too, the kind that tells them their artworks are messy, weird, or just wrong. Danielle uses this book’s storyline to teach little ones the importance of not letting your inner bully get you down and helps young artists discover the joy of artistic expression while silencing self-criticism.


The Illustrations in this New Children’s Book 

Wonderfully the Art and Joy Best Friends Forever children’s book is illustrated by its Author Danielle Krysa. Danielle uses the same humour that make her adult books relatable and helpful in this book.

All the kids love how bright the illustrates are and how clever it was to use life like images within illustrations, such as the paper plates on the watermelon, pasta and thread reels. Most of the kids that read this book had never seen this type of layered imagery used within kids’ books before.

Some of the pages the kids specifically talked about includes the mushroom and leprechauns page, as they call them. They just loved how realistic thread reels were used along side drawings to make the mushroom homes, and the whole painting rocks like pickles gave them the giggles as they thought cucumbers were more like to be loved by leprechauns.

Art and Joy Page 1

Another page that brought smiles is the pink book wearing blue winged dog image, as just think he is fantastic and would love to take him on a walk or fly.

Art and Joy Book Page 2

Also a page they loved the cuteness of was the fluffy bunnies, not only did none of them think about using fluffy bunnies as clouds they liked how 3D they looked on the page, with shadows and some thought they were made from cotton wool balls.

Art and Joy Book Page 3

Lastly, another favourite page was the big sparkly dragonfly soaring through the skies, again loving the photo style picture along side the drawing of Art.

New Art and Joy Children Book Review


Would we Recommend Art and Joy Best Friends Forever

This book was something very different to what many of the kids have read before, one that it talks about Art and two just in how creative the images are that helps tell the story visually. In fact, a few of the older kids that read this Art and Joy Best Friends Forever book said it was a unique book to read.

Grown-ups found it fab for getting the kids talking about how the art bully could be their own thoughts and were so happy to see their little minds wandering in a playful way. All the kids loved the colourful pages and the wacky art ideas at the back of the book as they have never thought of painting rocks into pickles and making pompoms to glue onto paper as clouds.

As parents the sentiment on the last few pages of how an artist finds joy every day did make us smile, kudos for writing this so well into the story.

We think this is such a bright positive read for children and we would totally recommend this hardcover book to families, if you wish to check it out, and add it to your little one’s book collection you can get it at Bookshop or Waterstones.



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