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REVIEW: Elephants in the Custard

If you’re looking for a Fun Bright Children’s Book that will give the kids a Good Giggle, then this Elephants in the Custard book is a must to read as a Family this Summer.

We were recently sent a copy of this kid’s book from Owlett Press written by Samuel Langley-Swain and asked if we could share our thoughts which has been a real treat.

The Elephants in the Custard book is a lovely fun book that is aimed at children aged 4 to 6 years old and tells a quirky story that actually has a moral to it, about family dinner time all sitting around to eat our food and spending quality time together to talk rather than be distracted by work, emails or phones.

The Storyline

Elephants in the Custard book tells the story from a boy called Solomon on how during his dinner he had found Elephants in his custard and got all Flustered.  These Elephants do the funniest of things from Doing tricks on Roller Skates, to showing off their Football skills and playing the Trombone.

Solomon goes to ask his family and friends if they can see the Elephants in the Custard as well, but they are doing something else and he doesn’t want to interrupt them and get them all flustered by all the Elephants in his Custard as well.

But finally, he tells his Granny and she is “as strong as Mustard and wasn’t at all flustered by the Elephants in my Custard”

So much so she puts on a Show with the Elephants as they do their Amazing Tricks, and everyone stops what they are doing to see and none of them got Flustered by the Elephants in the Custard which made Solomon Happy. In turn at the end of book we read how this all makes them realise that they should all make time at the dinner table to talk about they feel


The Illustrations

The Illustrations in this book have been done by Jemma Banks and are really cute, fun and fantastically brings the story to life. Some of our kid’s favourite pictures were when the Elephants were swimming and blowing bubbles in the Custard

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As well as when Granny got on her unicycle to put on her Elephant show, they found this very funny!

LATEST NEWS REVIEW Elephants in the Custard in article 3


About the Author

Elephants in the Custard is written by Samuel Langley-Swain who is an adoptive Dad from a two-dad family and fairly new to writing books.

Samuel originally trained as an artist and worked in strategy all over the world, but after becoming a Dad in 2014 he began to be inspired by his children and the new universe of parenting that he had entered into.

The challenges children face help to inspire his stories and he tries to package these big issues for small readers into books that will help them understand and discuss with friends, families and schools.


Would we Recommend this Book?

Yes, without doubt… The whole family loved Elephants in the Custard. We have read this book loads of times now and can see it being one that will be read many more times to come and therefore we would definitely recommend it as a good read for other families.

Elephants in The Custard has been written by Samuel as a way to help younger children talk about worries and feelings, which in our opinion he has achieved fantastically.

Elephants in the Custard is on sale already and you can order your own copy on our family’s favourite place to buy books – Amazon for £6.99




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