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REVIEW: Fabulous Fifi the Flamenco Flamingo

Looking for a bright funny picture book to inspire your little one to never give up on their dreams, no matter how bit the dream? Well, the recent Fabulous Fifi the Flamenco Flamingo children’s book we have reviewed could be the perfect choice for you.

As parents we are always encouraging our children to keep the dreams big and never give up if they really want something, but sometimes that is easier said than done for our little ones. And this is where the new children’s picture book from Author Alice Corrie plays out perfectly just how fantastic it can be if you just keep trying and fulfil your dreams.

We were recently sent a copy of Fabulous Fifi the Flamenco Flamingo from Owlet Press to read with the kids in return for sharing our honest thoughts with you.


The Storyline

Fabulous Fifi tells the story about a small flamingo that had a big dream to become a famous flamenco dancing flamingo even though she didn’t know anything about flamenco dancing, but she tried anyway.

Although fifi wasn’t very good at dancing and all the other flamingos in her colony laughed at her, but she couldn’t give up on her dream and through determination she could and did achieve her dream of becoming a flawless, fantastic, frolicking, famous flamenco flamingo.


The Illustrations

Fabulous Fifi the Flamenco Flamingo is illustrated by Ipek Konak. Ipek was born in Turkey and studied Animation-Cartoon at the Faculty of Fine Arts and has worked for many clients such as Google, Apple, Oxford University Press and has illustrated for many children books.

The images in Fabulous Fifi the Flamenco Flamingo book are full of colours and easy for the children to relate to and helps them clearly understand the storyline.

Our kids thought the flamingos were all really pretty even though a few looked like they had gangly long legs. Some of our kids’ favourite pictures include when Fifi tried to do flamenco dancing as they thought she did really good moves for a long legged flamingo




They also thought it was cool to see a flamingo flying in the skies above big buildings and people’s homes




But by far the most favourite picture that the kids loved was when Fifi finds the Flamenco Fiesta and just lands on the stage and dances and made her dream come true, as it made them happy, she did it in the end.





About the Author

Fabulous Fifi the Flamenco Flamingo is written by Alice Corrie who lives in Berlin with her husband and two daughters.

Alice has worked in children’s publishing, specialising in picture books and illustrated young fiction, for nearly twenty years and more recently works as a freelance editor and writer with Fabulous Fifi, being her first picture book.


Would we Recommend Fabulous Fifi the Flamenco Flamingo for your Child?

This children’s book is about a cute flamingo called fifi which really does a great job of reminding little kids to not give up on something they want to do based on what others say, even if they do laugh and make fun at you, however this book translates this message in a simplistic manner that little ones can easily relate to.

The style of this book is playful and offers some fun tongue twisting sentences for young readers to get though, which made it a very funny picture book that all the kids enjoyed reading with us.

The book itself is a nice large book for little hands which always brings excitement to page turning and the illustrations does not disappoint either.

We would 100% recommend this Fabulous Fifi the Flamenco Flamingo children’s book to families looking to add a fun inspiring new reading book to their kids’ reading collection.

Fabulous Fifi the Flamenco Flamingo book is on sale now and you can order your own copy here on Amazon and it has a RRP price of £7.99



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