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REVIEW: Robo-Babies

If you’re looking for a new Children’s Book that will give the kids a good insight into babies joining your family and their journey into the world, then this Robo-Babies book is a must to read as a Family this Summer.

We were recently sent a copy of this children’s book from Owlett Press written by Laura Gallagher and asked if we could share our thoughts which has been a great honour.

The Robo-Babies book is a thought provoking fun book that is aimed at children and tells a simple story that explains all the wonderful ways in which babies arrive into our families, this includes premature babies, twins, triplets, IVF, donor conception, surrogacy and adoption.


The Storyline

Robo-Babies book tells the story of a metal planet far away that is home to lots of different kinds of robot families and explains how even though each family it different they all start with love.

Its talks about the love robot parents have for their new baby when it arrives but explains how some robot parents need a little extra help to get their robot baby.

It explains how sometimes one, two or even three babies can grow inside mummy’s tummy at the same time. And how sometimes robot parents need super smart machines to help babies that arrive too early.

It also talks about sad and confused robot parents who have trouble getting their parts to work together to make a robot baby, but the joy of having smart robots that help them over come that with some clever science.

Before importantly explaining how everyone of the robo-babies that live on the plant are loved very much no matter what journey they took to be part of their families.


The Illustrations

The Illustrations in this book have been done by Nicci Martin and are really cute, colourful and perfectly brings the story to life. Some of ours and our child’s favourite pictures were when all the different robo-babies were inside mummy’s tummy

Robo babies in robot tummy

As well as the clever use of the hearts to help convey the love involved when talking about the science parts of the story.

Robo babies science

And the fun image of the planet and how all the robots were unique in their own little way.

Robo babies planet


About the Author

Robo-babies is written by Laura Gallagher who herself has an IVF miracle baby. She has always had a passion for writing and storytelling and it has been a dream of hers to write a book just for children.

After going through IVF it made Laura realise there are many journeys that parents take to complete their families, which inspired her to write robo-babies to help children understand all the love, determination and strength these parents go through.

Laura really just wants children to understand how very special they are no matter how they came into this world, at the same time as putting something out there that can help break the fertility taboo in society and start people talking about their experiences and sharing, which we think she has managed to do wonderfully.


Would we Recommend this Book?

Absolutely… Robo-babies naturally would make a great option to read with the kids if you are expecting a new baby.

However, it is also an anytime book as well, giving a really fab insight into babies arriving in families but on a level that kids can enjoy reading and understand.

The whole family loved Robo-babies and therefore we would definitely recommend it as a good read for other families. Robo-babies is on sale now and you can order your own copy here on Amazon for £6.50





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