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If you are looking to switch up your child’s Reading Book Collection, then for a bit of inspiration keep reading as we review the She Rex book by Michelle Robinson and let you know if our kids enjoyed it or not.

We were recently sent a copy of this new children book from Bloomsbury to read with the kids in return for sharing our honest thoughts with you.


The Storyline

The children’s reading book, She Rex tells the story of how Ed won’t let his little sister play with his toys as he believes that dinosaurs are only for boys to play with.

However, Maisy his little sister explains to Ed how he is wrong as he hasn’t heard of, She Rex who is the T-Rex’s bigger sister.

In a funny little story that Maisy takes you on, she describes what She Rex looks like and what she gets up to, to even what she eats.

Although Ed does not quite believe her, until he gets a big surprise at the end of the book which our kids founds rather funny.


The Illustrations

The She Rex book is illustrated by Deborah Allwright who has brought to life more than 40 children’s picture books with her artwork.

The huge toothy smile of She Rex on the front cover definitely captured our kids interests to turn the page that’s for sure!

Deborah ensures each page is full of colourful simple images enhancing the story of brother and sister playing Dinosaurs together.

Our kids especially loved the image of when Ed said all girl dinosaurs would wear high heel shoes and have frilly scales it made them laugh.


She Rex Dino Shoes 2

And the image of the when Maisy said that the girl dinosaurs were loud at roaring was cool as well


She Rex Roar 2

And the kids found the glasses and skirt all very funny that the dinosaur was wearing in the image of them playing in a band.


She Rex Band 2


However, the face that was on Ed’s face when he met the She Rex really did make our kids giggle


She Rex 2

About the Author

She Rex is written by Michelle Robinson, who is a mum living in Bristol and a real lover of Roald Dahl which funnily enough she even shares the same birthday as him.

Michelle has written many children’s books additional to She Rex including Do Not Mess with the Mermaids, The World Made a Rainbow and Do Not Disturb the Dragons.


Free Fun Downloads

We found that to go with this book is a bright fun activity pack that the kids can download and enjoy for free. It has some puzzles, colouring in, ispy and spot the difference activities and you can download it from here.


Would we Recommend She Rex to add to Your Child’s Book Collection?

We love everything Dino, and this She Rex book ticks all those boxes when it comes to Dino Fun. Our kids really enjoyed the rhyming style throughout this book.

“Girlosaurs” made them laugh and they did find it funny to think that girl dinosaurs’ scales would be frilly.

Also, all the girls found it fab to have a book with a cool wee twist on how dinosaurs are seen as girls in books as it does tend to be thought that all dinosaurs are boys when they might not be.

All our kids that read this book, girls and boys all really enjoyed this book and it definitely sparked some interesting discussions after reading, which as parents always makes us know its been a good read when it gets them thinking and talking about “But What If”

We would 100% recommend She Rex as a good read for families to check out and you can even get it delivered direct to your door if you order online from amazon here



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