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REVIEW: The Pasta Kidz Boing Boing Bushes Book

booFusi Fow! – That’s Wow in Pasta Vocabulary….. Yup I did just say Pasta Vocabulary and Fusi Fow was what our little ones said after reading the New Pasta Kidz and Petz Adventure book titled the Boing Boing Bushes.

We have recently been sent a copy of this new book written by Bryony Supper and asked if we could share our thoughts which has been a real treat.

The Pasta Kidz and Petz Adventure, Boing Boing Bushes book is honestly going to take your kids mind to an absolute other world, but in a good way.

It’s the third book in The Pasta Kidz and Petz Adventure series, the first being The Inventing Tubes, the second is The Sorry Sticks and each book has a moral message cleverly weaved into the story.

These stories are all about little Pasta characters which have cool pasta matching pets, such as Victor Vermicelli and Val the Vermicelli Snake or Camilla Cannelloni and Coco the Cannelloni Chicken. You will be taken away to the magical Pastaworld, where they have their own language, fun pasta games, pastaballs and pasta beasties.

This series of food orientated books are aimed at children up to ages 7 or 8, which I would say is spot based on our kids and if you were going to write a kids book about food, then we have to agree that Pasta is a fab choice, as its such a well known and well-loved Italian turned global failsafe food.


The Storyline

The Boing Boing Bushes book takes you on an adventure with Camilla Cannelloni and Felix Fusilli who’s struggling to find the other Pasta Kidz, so decides to organise the annual pasta games with just the two of them.

Although the naughty pastaball is hiding so the first game sees them try to catch a Boing Boing Bush. Shortly after though Camilla soon realises that’s it’s just not fair to catch wild things so she lets it go.

Then without warning the Pasta Beasties appear to steal the pastaball and all the Pasta Kidz come to save the day!

The Illustrations

The Illustrations in this book is definitely not like others, they are bright and perfectly helps you get into the story and pasta theme

Pasta Kidz Inside 2


Our boy’s favourite characters were the boing boing bushes as they thought they looked so silly

Pasta Kidz Inside 1


Colour your Own

At the back of the book there is even a page of the Pasta Beasties which the kids can colour in to make them look how they want them to.


Vocab Page

There is no need to feel left out if you’re new to the world of spaghetti talk! There is a handy pasta vocabulary page at the back of the book helping you learn pasta talk and some of its proper out there and will for sure give you a giggle.


Book Giveaway

This is definitely a book that will make parents get more on their kids’ level of thinking. We thought it was fab and would definitely recommend it as a good read for the younger kids.

We have been super lucky to have been sent a few extra copies of this books so are able to offer our followers the chance to Win a copy

We have 2 copies of this “The Boing Boing Bushes” Pasta Kidz and Pets Adventure Children Books to giveaway so if you are interested Click Here to Visit our Competition Section to Enter for Free.






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