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REVIEW: The Royal Mint Tooth Fairy Book Series

We are very excited to share with you an insight to the New “Tooth Fairy” Children Reading book series that is being launched this November from The Royal Mint based here in Wales.

As we all know Tooth Fairies and coins have a long-standing traditional connection and this new children’s reading book series, from the Royal Mint and Owlet Press tells the adventures of the Tooth Fairies and the famous coin makers.

We were recently sent a copy of this new children book series from Owlet Press to read with the kids in return for sharing our honest thoughts with you.


The Storyline

This book series centres around twins Ollie and Grace and their Grandpa, who many years ago used to love working at the Royal Mint making coins and all his magical stories he has to share with them.

The first book “The Tooth Fairy and the Home of the Coin Makers” sees Grandpa tell the twins all about the Tooth Fairies and how they have worked with the clever coin makers over the years as well as give kids a fab understanding of how the home of coin making moved from the Tower of London to our beautiful rolling hills of South Wales, where the Royal Mint is still situated today.

The second book “The Magical Journey” takes the twins and their Grandpa on an adventure in the secret underground world to the Royal Mint, to see the hard working tooth fairies and we also meet a new character Wensleydale the Watch Mouse and of the red dragon once again is in situ overlooking all the coins that are being made.


The Illustrations

The Royal Mint Tooth Fairy Book Series is illustrated by Italian artist Davide Ortu and they are simply fairy tale like. Each page delivers great detailed images that perfectly brings the story to life. Some of our kids favourite pictures in the books include

In the Home of the Coin Makers

When the twins Ollie and Grace both had teeth wobble after devouring cake as this has happened to our kids!


Tooth Fairy Book Image 1 2


They also liked when the fairies came at night as they enjoyed looking at each of the fairies up close


Tooth Fairy Book Image 2 2


As well as the machines making all the money inside the Royal Mint


Tooth Fairy Book Image 3 2


In the Magical Journey

The kids thought the picture where the twins banged their heads was good as it really made them get the gist that it had hurt and honestly, they also had a little giggle how the twins teeth came flying out their mouths!


Tooth Fairy Book Image 4 2


The kids also found it amusing how they tried to catch Wensleydale the Watch Mouse


Tooth Fairy Book Image 5 2


Again, they loved the image of all the fairies up close with all the money and too the inclusion of the red dragon watching over all the money


Tooth Fairy Book Image 6 2


About the Author

The Royal Mint Tooth Fairy Book Series is written by Samuel Langley-Swain who is an adoptive Dad from a two-dad family, and founder of Owlet Press who are independent publishers of inclusive children’s books that specialise in uplifting and diverse stories.

Many of Sam’s books such as “What Wesley Wore” are inspired by the challenge’s children face and he cleverly takes these big issues and delivers them in his books in a way that small readers can digest and discuss these issues with friends and families.  Sam has personally found his writing journey a truly life changing experience and wishes that his stories can bring joy and strength to the children who need it most.


Would we Recommend this Royal Mint Book Series for your Child?

These Tooth Fairies books are a cute little series for kids and their families. Its, always fab as parents to have books to read to about loosing teeth as for some kids it can actually be a stressful time, we know one of our kids feels huge anxiety over it, so we have tried to read loads of different style books around this topic and these two have been a big hit for us.

Its, also awesome to be able to read about the Royal Mint with the kids, not only is it an intriguing place for kids to hear about, its lush that we can explain to them that its a real place that is genuinely not far from where we live in West Wales.

The Royal Mint has a visitor centre attached to it and it has been on our to do list for a while to take the kids to, so hopefully we will get round to it as these books have reignited that idea to go see it in person.

These Tooth Fairy books introduce the red dragon who protects the coins, which also links superbly well into the other picture book series that the Royal Mint and Owlet Press are launching telling the tales of Dilwyn the Welsh Dragon.

We would 100% recommend that families check out this book series as we think your kids will honestly enjoy the read as all ours certainly did. If you want to check this book series out you can get them from Amazon here



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