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REVIEW: The Woodcutter and the Snow Prince

Released by Owlet Press in perfect time for Christmas 2022 this New Children’s Picture book The Woodcutter and the Snow Prince is an inclusive fairy tale about a lonely woodcutter and a much-feared Snow Prince, taking young readers on an exciting adventure to an ice palace.

We were recently sent a copy of The Woodcutter and the Snow Prince children’s book in return for us sharing our honest thoughts with you, so read on to see what the kids thought and if we think this should be the next new addition to your child’s book collection.


The Storyline of The Woodcutter and the Snow Prince

The Woodcutter and the Snow Prince tells the story of a lonely woodcutter named Kai who every Christmas eve carves statues for anyone who might pass by to see, until one magical night when his loneliness ended by a visit from a much fearer Snow Prince.

The Snow Prince was feared as stories of old told about how he was imprisoned in an ice palace, but left each Christmas eve to freeze everyone into ice statues.

But that wasn’t the case when Kai came face to face with the Snow Prince, he did not freeze him, but instead took him on a flight with polar bears and beautiful northern lights. Yet after a fun evening and the Sun rose, Kai was whisked away back home as the Snow Prince froze once again.

Kai missed the Snow Prince so much that he got so brave and went on a mission fighting off different challenges and seasons to get to the Snow Prince and brake the curse, changing both their lives forever, making them never lonely again.


The Illustrations in The Woodcutter and the Snow Prince

The Woodcutter and the Snow Prince children’s book is illustrated by Davide Ortu, an Italian artist who now lives in Spain. After studying art in Sardinia Davide worked as a graphic designer in advertising, before illustrating children’s books for many authors and publishers such as Scholastic, Nosy Crow, Usborne, Oxford University Press and Owlet Press.

Each page is dressed in colour with pictures that perfectly brings the story to life for readers. Some of our kids favourite pictures in the books includes all the woodcutter Kai’s carved statues as they thought the little one with star was so cute.

Woodcutter and the snow prince page 1

Also the image of when Kai started to think that his grandmothers stories about the Snow Prince weren’t completely true, as he takes Kai on an adventure in his polar bear pulled sleigh which the kids loved the look of.

Woodcutter and the snow prince page 2

Plus when after months of missing the Snow Prince, how determined Kai looked when he decided to find the prince.

Woodcutter and the snow prince page 3

The kids loved the snowy pages as the Snow Prince becomes real and how the picture makes the snow prince look like he is actually made out of ice.

Woodcutter and the snow prince page 4

And Finally when the curse was broken and the prince was no longer made out of ice and was real and how surprised Kai’s face was, with the pages bursting with colour.

Woodcutter and the snow prince page 5


About the Author of The Woodcutter and the Snow Prince

The Woodcutter and the Snow Prince is written by Ian Eagleton who taught in primary school for 13 years and still teaches part time at a local school where he loves sharing picture books with the children he teaches.

Ian lives with this husband and son in Essex and is also the director of the reading realm and content creator for lots of educational organisations including the literacy shed and authorfy.


Would we Recommend The Woodcutter and the Snow Prince

We read this book with a lot of children and they all enjoyed this Christmas story, with its wintery feel and lovely pictures.

They loved how Kai got brave and dedicated so many months to get back to the Snow Prince because he missed spending time with him so much, especially being firstly so scared of him. The kids thought Kai showed how if you want something so much and are willing to try your hardest anything is possible.

We think this is a wonderful wintery picture book for kids to read this Christmas time and think it could make a fab addition to your little ones Christmas eve box or a present choice for under the Christmas tree.

We would totally recommend this book to families, if you wish to check it out, you can get your very own copy of The Woodcutter and the Snow Prince at WHSmith





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