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REVIEW: Tigeropolis – Caught in the Trap

Well what a Fun or should I say ROARSOME children’s book we have been sent to read, in return for us sharing our honest thoughts with you. Tigeropolis – Caught in the Trap is about a family of vegetarian tigers living in the foothills of the Himalayas who have to defend themselves and their home against some top-notch poachers.

Tigeropolis Caught in the Trap is the third in the Tigeropolis series, but by no means do you have to have read the previous two books to understand and enjoy this one.

The first book is called “Beyond The Deep Forest” and the Second is “The Grand Opening” and all the books are based around this family of vegetarian tigers and their home Tigeropolis which is a large tiger reserve.

The books are written by R.D.Dikstra, he is a conservation expert originally from Scotland who was inspired to write this series of books after his first sighting of a tiger in the wild at the famous Bandhavgarh National Park.

This book is aimed at children aged 8 to 12 years, it’s funny and written in a clever way that helps you learn cool tiger facts like how tiger’s eyesight is six times as sensitive as humans.

It also gets across important messages about conservation in a way that kids of this age range can take in and understand, such as a lesson about dropping litter and the harm that it can cause to animals and why the park is installing a water fountain to cut down on plastic bottles needing to be in the park.

All this whilst still following a storyline that nudges your child to tap into their imagination, placing them in the hot jungle witnessing the woes of this cute Tiger Family.


The Storyline

The main characters in the Tiger Family are the cubs Bittu and his older sister Matti, along with their mum Tala, Uncle Raj and his twin brother VJ (he’s a bit of a rebel) and they live in Tigeropolis a tiger reserve in India. They live a modern lifestyle with luxuries such as a TV and the internet in their cave.

The park is looked after by the Senior Forest Officer Rahul Mistry and the Forest Guard Akash they love Chocolate things especially chocolate cake!

It’s important for the tigers to never let the human guards know that it’s really the tigers that are in charge, which they do pretty well to be fair.

Then suddenly big mean looking traps start to appear around the park and as Bittu and his family investigates it turns out that there is a group of professional poachers looking to trap all members of the tiger family in return for a lot of money.

The tigers set about enlisting the help of all the other animals in the reserve to help track down and stop the poachers. Each animal is given their own task such as the vultures watch movements from the sky, the porcupines help keep watch during the night and elephants help to move traps.

Whilst trying to find out more about the poachers Bittu ends up in the same room as two of the poachers and he has to pretend to be a rug on the floor which had our kids in stiches. Again, leaning on the other animals in the parks strengths, the pygmy hogs come to the rescue and help burrow tunnels to try and save Bittu.

Needing reinforcements in flies a friend of Uncle Raj, its BB who’s a member of an aerial fire-fighting team, who would have thought tigers could fly let alone fight fire again the kids love this.

The tigers try a few things to stop the poachers, but nothing works, and the forest guards are not much help as when Mr Mistry bumped into them, he thought they were judges trying to secretly evaluate the park for a competition.

So, with time running out Matti does some online shopping and orders up a load of useful things for one final plan of attack, which involves Monkeys bouncing on bungee cords to try and snatch the guns off the poachers and elephant poo being thrown around – again another tears rolling down the face hysterical moment for our boys!

The tigers plan works, with all poachers being caught, as the guards stumble in to believe they have done all the work and the Tigeropolis is safe for another day.


The Illustrations

Obviously, this is a book that is aimed at an older audience so although it has cute little illustrations that are done by Matt Rowe in it, they are not on every page. They are all black and white and work well as not being the main focus and more of a way to enhance certain scenes within the book.

However, in saying that they are very cute and super useful, for example at the front of the book is a map of Tigeropolis park, which we often found ourselves looking back at so we could work out where everything was happening.

Here are a few of our favourite images, our boys just loved the naughty tricks played using a toy to nibble at the Senior Forest Officer, Mr Mistry’s ear while he slept.

REVIEW Tigeropolis Caught in a Trap Page 1

And also how Bittu and Matti made fresh paw prints to try and lure in the poachers – but truth be known the kids just found this image so funny that tiger cubs could wear slippers hahaha…..

REVIEW Tigeropolis Caught in the Trap Page 2


Free Fun Downloads

We found that to go with this book is a bright playful website that has some cool free downloadable tiger masks for the kids, one is already fully coloured in but there is one that you can colour yourself and there are also a few colourings in sheets


Glossary and Meet the Characters

At the back of the book there is a handy glossary that helps the kids understand some of the words used through the book, such as what Morse Code is or what a sal tree is. This did come in pretty handy cause even us parents had no clue what a Tiger Moth was lol – by the way it’s a “A bi-plane built in the 1930’s by the de Havilland in the UK. About 9,000 were built. Some still flying” See you learn something new every day!


Downloadable Tigeropolis Game

There is also a Jungle Adventure Puzzle Game that you can download to go with this Tigeropolis book series and where you can you save the forest from the bulldozers? It says you have to help guide Bittu through the challenges and get the word out to the world that there really are still tigers in Tigeropolis and quickly.

Looks like it could be good, however its currently only available on Apple and we are Android Geeks through and through so can’t pass any comment on this I’m afraid, but it’s there in the Apple App Store if you want to access it.


Book Giveaway

This is fab children’s book and one I can actually see the kids’ reading again. It did take us a bit longer than others to read as it does have some more tricky words and phrases like “we need to shore up our immediate defences” so needed a bit more explaining, but hey that’s the whole point of getting kids reading and throwing them some challenges each book and our kids that read this are at the younger age range of this targeted reading group as they have just turned 8 so certainly nothing to put us off reading more from this series just because we went a bit slower.

In fact, we have never read book 1 or 2 but after reading this one I think we will for sure look at trying to get our hands on the other 2.

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