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REVIEW: Where Bjorn Belongs

Read our review about this New Children’s Picture book Where Bjorn Belongs, it has the potential of being a new Christmas classic, taking young readers from the busy crowded streets one Christmas to the quiet air artic of another Christmas.

We were recently sent a copy of Where Bjorn Belongs children’s book in return for us sharing our honest thoughts with you, so read on to see what the kids thought and if we think this should be the next new addition to your child’s book collection.


The Storyline of Where Bjorn Belongs

Where Bjorn Belongs tells the story of an autistic boy called Arthur who is an artic enthusiast, who whilst being overwhelmed with all the noise, flashing lights and crowded street around Christmas time looses his beloved polar bear toy. His polar bear toy was his comfort, so loosing him was devastating for Arthur.

After loosing his precious polar bear toy Arthur asks Santa for a new one and promises to look after it and never let it go again. Then he wakes up on Christmas day to find a real polar bear in his back garden, who he names Bjorn as that means bear in countries what have a lot of snow.

Arthur and Bjorn get closer as time goes by and Bjorn grows in size, so much so that its no longer fair or practical for him to live with Arthur in his home. As sad as it is Arthur realises Bjorn needs to be back in the artic where he belongs, where he can be free to roam and in cold weather to make him happy, so one Christmas eve night he leaves the Polar Bear with a note asking Santa to safely return him to the north pole.

Santa does return Bjorn the polar bear to the artic, but he also helps Arthur visit him showing him the way by following the northern lights, which is just perfect as when Arthur gets older he does as Santa explained and manages to visit Bjorn every year in the place where he belongs. But too it allows Arthur to escape the crowded busy streets and follow his dream to become a real life artic explorer and help the polar bears from melting ice and find where he belonged too.


The Illustrations in Where Bjorn Belongs

Where Bjorn Belongs children’s book is illustrated by Mirna Imamovic, a freelance illustrator living in Bosnia.

Each page of this book is filled with dreamy images, with a calmer colour pallet we think the illustrations visually really help to tell the story. The kids thought that the pictures were pretty and wintery, but interestingly they did notice how on the pages where it talks about how Arthur didn’t like how it was too busy the pictures were darker and felt a lot more crowded.

Some of the pages the kids specifically talked about included where Arthur dreamt of snowy owls, husky-sledging and white foxes, they liked all the cold weather animals.

Where Bjorn Belongs page 1

Also the images when Arthur finds a real polar bear in his garden, as they thought the polar bear looked cute with its rosy cheeks and looked happy to find a friend to play with.

Where Bjorn Belongs page 2

Plus the pages which showed how Arthur kept the polar bear cool as it grows is size through the season. Sleeping on a bed of frozen peas gave them the giggles as did sitting in a chest freezer.

Where Bjorn Belongs page 3

The kids loved the colours on the pages where Santa takes Arthur to reunite with his polar bear friend, they thought it looked pretty and loved how Santa took him there, they thought it was a great present to Arthur.

Where Bjorn Belongs page 4

And finally they liked the end image, noticing how Arthur managed to live his dream of becoming a real life artic explorer and they loved that also meant he could visit his polar bear friend every year.

Where Bjorn Belongs page 5


About the Author of Where Bjorn Belongs

Where Bjorn Belongs is written by Samuel Langley-Swain who is an adoptive Dad from a two-dad family. He is author of fifteen picture books including What Wesley Wore, Storm in a Jar and The Blanket Bears for which he drew on his own experiences of being an adoptive father.

Sam’s world changed in 2014 when he became a Dad and it had never crossed his mind to write books before, however as a new dad, he was dramatically inspired by his children and the new universe he’d entered into and after taking his books around schools and family events, it became important to him to be able to create positive change for children through stories.

Sam’s books are all inspired by the challenge’s children face and he cleverly takes these big issues and delivers them in his books in a way that small readers can digest and discuss these issues with friends and families.  Sam has personally found his writing journey a truly life changing experience and wishes that his stories can bring joy and strength to the children who need it most.


Would we Recommend Where Bjorn Belongs

Where Bjorn Belongs Review

We read this book with a lot of children and they all got wrapped up in the emotion of Arthur losing his polar bear and finding a real life one and then having to say goodbye to him also.

Its sad in parts and heart warming in others. The story indirectly nods to the fact that Arthur has autism, but the kids understood that the story is as much about Arthur finding where he belongs than it is about Bjorn travelling back to where he belongs.

We all loved this wintery Christmas tale about friendship and following your dream, as being you and where you should be, makes everything prefect, even if some emotional and not so fun decisions along the way have to happen.

All the kids were taken by this story and we can totally see it being one that’s re read over and over, especially around Christmas time. We think families will love it too and can see this being a huge hit as part of your little ones Christmas eve box or as a pressie around the Christmas tree.

We would highly recommend this book to families, if you wish to check it out you can get your very own copy of Where Bjorn Belongs at WHSmith




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