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REVIEW: Who do I see in the Mirror? Children Book

The weather at the weekend was lovely and gave us the perfect chance to sit in the garden with the kids and read the lovely book that we have been sent, so let’s tell you what we thought of it.

Last week we were sent this New book “Who do I see in the Mirror?” and asked if we could share our honest opinion of it and I have to say what an awesome book to be sent.

As soon as we unwrapped the brown paper parcel the kids were captured as this hard cover book’s illustrations are just Fab. The size of the book is ideal, and the pages are thick so nice and sturdy enough for little fingers to turn without damaging them which is always a bonus in our house!

“Who do I see in the Mirror?” Children’s Book is the debut book of the Philly & Friends collection of stories by the Author Vese Aghoghovbia Aladewolu, which has been inspired by her 18-month-old daughter whose nickname is Philly.

I think Philly is a cute little character that kids will be able to identify with no problem, brought to life by the endearing illustrations by Irene Omiunu.

The beauty of this book is it has two powerful roles, one is helping little kids explore the different parts of their bodies and the other to build self-love and confidence by encouraging kids to love each part of their body just the way it is and by reminding them that who they are is much more than just their physical appearance.


The Storyline

The storyline of the book starts with Philly playing peek-a-boo in the mirror and discovering that “There is only one me. That makes me very special”

It takes Philly through various activities whilst talking about all her different features such as how Philly loves her “thick curly locks and the way they shrink when I have a bubble bath” Or how Philly Loves her “big brown eyes and the way they light up when I see my friends at school”

Who Do I See in the Mirror in article 1;

After going through the various body parts Philly reminds’ readers that “what matter most is my good heart and curious mind”


The Illustrations

As we read our way through the book, our girls’ eyes just lite up with the pictures, here are some of their favourite pages. This page our girls’ thoughts were so pretty as Philly dances and they got up and tried to twirl just like Philly

Who Do I See in the Mirror in article 2

Then this page they liked to point to the body part on the page and then on themselves, which brought some good fun to reading it!

Who Do I See in the Mirror in article 3

And this bright coloured page was also a favourite….. because the cupcakes looked So Yummy! Typical with our kids always thinking of the belly lol!

Who Do I See in the Mirror in article 4


A Certificate for your Child

I have to say Who do I see in the Mirror? Is really a lovely feel good book for kids, with a refreshing storyline and what makes it really unique, is the added touch of including an Awesome Award Certificate at the back of the book that you can fill in for your little one and then cut it out.


Something Special

Another thing that makes this book a little bit different, is that Philly & Friends is a brand with purpose, and every book sold ships a book into the hands of an underprivileged child. If you want to find out more about the book, author and where to buy a copy then you can visit Philly & Friends Website Here


Book Giveaway

All in all, as a family we loved taking time out to sit together and read this book and would definitely recommend it as a good read for other families. In fact, we loved it so much that we asked if we could give some away to our followers and they said Yes!

We have 3 copies of this “Who do I see in the Mirror?” Children Books by Vese Aghoghovbia Aladewolu to giveaway so if you are interested Click Here to Visit our Competition Section to Enter for Free.





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