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How to Glitterfy your Kids Life with Shaky Pop Nail Studio

If you’re looking to add some Glitter to your child’s life and keep them on trend, then you can’t go far wrong with the New Shaky Pop Nails set from Flair and we have a step by step to show you just how to do this.

Our girls are always painting their nails in our house and as trends change so do how they paint and design their nail look.

Needless to say, they were over the moon when we recently got sent the New Shaky Pop Nails Glitter Makeover Set from Flair to try out in return for us sharing our thoughts with you.


Unboxing Shaky Pop Nail Studio   

The Shaky Pop Nail Studio is a clever fashion and beauty tool that is aimed at children over 8 years old.

Focusing on the latest nail trends and celebrities’ styles this safe for children to use nail pop nail studio makes it easy to keep current with all the glitter looks.

LATEST NEWS Shaky Nail Pop Nails

What’s included Inside the Shaky Pop Nail Studio

LATEST NEWS Shaky Nail Pop Unboxing

Inside every box you will get:

  • A pot of Fun Coloured Nail Varnish
  • 2 tubs of different coloured glitter
  • A little brush
  • A Special Shaky Glitter Applicator
  • 5 hole covers, for the Special Shaky Glitter Applicator
  • A stand for all these to stand and be kept tidy on


How to Use Shaky Pop Nail Studio

The Shaky Pop Nail Studio is so simple to use that kids will have no problems using it on their own, as they only need to do three simple steps:

  1. They need to pick what colour glitter they want to use and twist the little pot full of that glitter onto the bottom of the Special Shaky Glitter Applicator
  2. Then using the nail varnish, they need to paint either all their nails or whatever deign they fancy onto their nails
  3. Then quickly before the nail varnish dries, they pop their fingers into the hole of the Special Shaky Glitter Applicator and shake so to get the glitter to stick to the wet nail polish.

And that’s its they can now shake and make their nails sparkle in any design they want.



The nail polish that comes with the Pop Nail Studio can be peeled off or its really easy to remove with basic nail polish remover, so no problems if your child’s school is not keen on them wearing nail polish as they can jazz up their nails just for the weekends and easily remove it come Monday.

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Would we Recommend these Products?

The Shaky Pop Nail Studio is such a clever little nail painting item that our girls really enjoyed playing with, we loved that it was safe and easy to use and based on their reactions to it, we for sure would recommend this to other families that have kids that like to glam up their nails in a fun way.

We have to say our girls have a big obsession with glitter and because of this, they did their best to make a big mess with it, which was a good laugh, but thought we would mention the special Shaky Glitter Applicator does keep the glitter process rather tidy

LATEST NEWS Shaky Nail Pop Glitter

So, don’t be misled by this photo, it’s just our kids getting carried away with the glitter mess lol! Bu thought we would share as it gives you a good idea of just how pretty the glitter is that you get with this Studio.




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