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Nick Jr. to Premiere Kangaroo Beach in UK this Summer

The New Kangaroo Beach Kids show that is airing this Summer on Nick Jr is set to be something special filling a void in Water Safety for pre-schoolers worldwide and we got to have a sneak peek of a few episodes so thought we would share with you what we honestly thought!

Kangaroo Beach is a brand new animated children tv series that is going to really appeal to a young audience. It cleverly combines exploring water play with promoting super important water safety messages in every episode.

Designed to inspire swimmers to think first and inform themselves before jumping into the water this new kids show also has a fun, colourful element to it bringing home the message of how kids and families can have the time of their lives on the beach.

The creator of Kangaroo Beach is Tim Bain who whilst living in London, also wrote some of our other family favourite kids shows like PJ Masks, Bob the Builder and Fireman Sam.

He has obviously had some childhood inspiration for these Kangaroo Beach shows, as his own dad was a real life lifeguard at Anglesea beach and as a child he did Little Nippers training with lifesavers every summer, so you can see why he has easily managed to include the learning of do’s and don’ts of the water with the fun adventurous summer friendships in these Kangaroo Beach kids shows.


Main Characters in Kangaroo Beach

Kangaroo Beach follows four young animal friends as they spend their summer on Kangaroo Beach as junior cadets with their lifeguard heroes and helping keep the water safe when emergencies arise.

The four friends training as cadets are:

Pounce – is an energetic ten year old Joey, a little kangaroo wannabe-hero lifeguard just like his idol Bondi. Pounce is awesome in an emergency as he never flitches in his bravery levels.

Gemma – is a mini budding marine biologist platypus who loves diving down into the deep ocean to look at the fascinating creatures there. She is a bit geeky and has a logical head which comes in handy as the voice of reason when her friends go off on one during missions.

Neville – is a hairy nosed wombat that’s an expert at digging sandcastles, he is a funny character who is a bit nervous, sports phobic and someone who would rather surf the web than waves.

Frizzy – is a very dramatic, all singing, all dancing, all fabulous performing cute koala (and she is a personal fav of ours!)


Kangaroo Beach Main Characters


And these four friends are all under the guidance of the three grown up experienced lifeguards who are:

Bondi – is named after the famous Bondi Beach and is a big chested tall muscly Kangaroo Co-Chief Lifeguard who is just full of confidence and charm.

Sandy – is another Kangaroo, little less serious than Bondi, she has a great sense of humour and aside from being Co-Chief Lifeguard she is also an expert surfer, scuba diver and medic with a cabinet of trophies to prove it.

Big Trev – is a tough old koala and grandfather to Frizzy, he takes his job seriously as he plays lookout from his treetop water tower for any troubles in the water that needs help sending to. On a side note, it is so funny as Big Trev is supposed to be have been inspired by Alf from Home and Away which did make us giggle.


Water Safety Messages in Kangaroo Beach

Everyday, is action packed at Kangaroo Beach from training to be a lifeguard, mastering new water sports, discovering new exciting things about the ocean or scuba diving for hidden treasure.

The grown up experienced lifeguards Bondi, Sandy and Big Trev, on each episode teach the four little friends important water safety skills through fun games, sports contests, on the job training that will help the four little cadets and all other beachgoers keep safe over the summer. With some of the things they learn being surf awareness, rescue equipment and protecting the beach.

On watching Kangaroo Beach your kids can expect to see lots surfable waves, coral reef delights and fascinating sea creatures, with a mixture of fun and danger obverting. But don’t worry there is nothing too scary in each show as they are aimed at building water confidence and safety not putting kids off but worrying them.


Kangaroo Beach Water Safety Image


Each episode of Kangaroo Beach features a valuable water safety message and this guidance has come from some big named experts such as Bruce “Hoppo” Hopkins , the chief lifeguard at Bondi Beach who is also the star of Bondi Rescue which we love watching as a family too and also Ironman World Champion Craig “Riddo” Riddngton has had an input also. So you can be confident that these water safety messages are all above board and not just made up or elaborated for the sake of a kids show.

What we were surprised to learn is that currently there is no preschool entertainment program that is highlighting water safety worldwide, so this is why it’s really hoped that Kangaroo Beach will be a success  with the kids and families and can grow to fill this void and go onto help kids enjoy the beach and oceans safety as well as reducing the number of drownings worldwide.


When You Can Watch Kangaroo Beach

Kangaroo Beach’s animated surf safety series new to the UK this summer is going to include 26 different stories in eleven minute shows, which your little ones can watch on Nick Jr from Monday 26th July 2021 weekdays at 9.30am

To give you a good insight into the characters and show you can visit the Kangaroo Beach YouTube Channel where you can watch a trailer and little character intro’s which are fab.


Would We Recommend Kangaroo Beach to Your Family?

From the second we sat down to watch Kangaroo Beach, the kids were hooked to be fair. We watched a few episodes before they aired and they are fun to watch, the characters are so identifiably Australian, cute and funny. The storylines are entertaining yet informative at the same time.


Child Watching Kangaroo Beach on the Beach


As parents we love that the water safety advice that is shown in Kangaroo Beach has actually come from water safety professionals and is accredited by the Swimming Teachers Association which is reputable UK water safety charity, so that just gives you heaps of confidence that your little ones are watching something with real value to it.

We think without doubt these New Kangaroo Beach shows are the best shows for your kids to be watching this Summer, especially here in West Wales as with beautiful beaches on every turn and the stunning weather we are experiencing it is inevitable that you will be spending more and more family time with your children on a beach or around water in a swimming pool or outdoor lido, so aside from the kids loving the funny and brightly coloured kids show they will be getting delivered some useful know how at the exact same time – We highly recommend families check this new show out on Nick Jr.




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